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Cleaning up the Crumbs

posted Thursday May 05, 2011 at 07:44 AM by Anne Yorks — 25 comments

It came to my attention last night that people don't like to leave crumbs of tasty treats on their plates. They will scrape a fork to get the last bit of icing. Or they will dab a finger across their plate picking up the few remaining crumbs. Of course, usually they think no one is watching. At least I don't. I try to be as incognito as possible. Unless you're 3. Then you do what you want and hope you're mom doesn't spy you.

Today's post are a few delicious cookie crumbs that haven't been posted yet. I thought I'd just put them all in one post.

We made some special pencil cookies for my little one's preschool teacher. My little girl told me what to write on the card and then she signed her name:

"Dear {teacher}, School is the best. You are the best teacher."

I think she summed things up pretty well.

Here's another photo I forgot to follow up on. Do you remember the 'guess that cookie cutter' game? It was an xbox controller.

Here are the finished controllers. The bright round cookies are the letter buttons the customer requested for cupcake topper cookies. Cute and fun. 

The controller is basically the same size as a real controller. So I'm sure a few kids had fun playing their cookie before eating!

Remember these nautical cookies I made recently?

I got a request for the same anchor cookies, with a white, yellow, navy blue, and black theme for a wedding favor. I love making wedding and baby favors. I just think about the wonderful day that awaits and pray that they have a very blessed marriage. It's just so exciting.

Finally, a friend needed some special cookies for a new big sister. She is a girly girl and so we decided to modify the princess birthday collection and add in a 'World's Greatest Big Sister' cookie'. It's hard to tell since the cookies are wrapped, but the big sister cookie is totally blinged with disco dust. I hear the cookies were a big hit!

The princess dress just happens to be one of my favorites to make.

That's all for now. I think I have cleaned the crumbs off my plate!! Enjoy your weekend and I'll be posting some more fun beach cookies soon!

Have a sweet day,


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April Showers Bring May Flowers

posted Tuesday May 03, 2011 at 08:13 AM by Anne Yorks — 13 comments

Central PA has been rainy. As a matter of fact, I think we've had one sunny day for every 14 days of rain. 

So when I was working on a special collection of cookies to share with my family on Easter, I decided to go with an 'April Showers Bring May Flowers' theme.  

I had just ordered a scalloped square and oval cookie cutter from www.coppergifts.com. I was dying to try them out, so I decided to use those cutters as my feature cookie cookie shapes. 

The April cookie is complete with sparkling raindrops. I used my silver disco dust to add this extra twinkle.

The May cookie was so bright and colorful with lots of mini flowers piped all over!

I also made some purple and green umbrellas - extra sweet with some sugar accents.

And since I'm hoping all this April rain will bring lots and lots of beautiful flowers, I made daisies and tulips in bright colors.

I recently saw real bi-color tulips and wanted to make my cookie version the same. I used two colors of pink and blended them together during the flooding phase of decorating. I added rainbow disco dust (not really visible in the light/angle of this photo) to add a little extra sparkle.

These cookies were the examples I used for the interview/demonstration I did for the WPSU Local Food Journey. You can check out the feature on Flour Box by clicking here. They have some great action photos of cookies getting decorated!!

Here is my set-up for the demonstration. Since the cookies are done in phases, I don't normally have all my supplies out at the same time. But for this purpose, I did get everything out on the table at once.

I had a tray of 'before and after' cookies ready to go for the demonstration. 

I outlined the cookies...

Then I flooded the cookies. I made one of those bi-color tulips using my toothpick to swirl the pinks.

I also showed them how I painted the disco dust on the raindrops. This is a food-only paintbrush of course!!

I even had a special treat for the interviewers. They were so sweet!

The rest of course were for my family for Easter. And maybe they were just being nice, but my family really seemed to like them!

Have a sweet day!!


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A Women's Concern

posted Thursday Apr 28, 2011 at 10:46 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

I made these cookies a little while back as a donation for A Women's Concern annual benefit. I have been so busy with Easter, and other projects, that I never had a chance to post them. 

I wanted to make pink and blue cookies. The pink is the AWC logo.

The blue cookie is an image from their website...a parent's hand with a child's hand. 

I heard through the grapevine that a friend bid on these cookies and gave them as a gift to one of the women that shared her story that evening. I think that is pretty cool.

I have been busy, busy working on a few other projects in addition to the Easter orders. Here is a sneak peak of a blog post that will be coming soon...a carnival themed set of cookies. Here are my sketches and the icing colors : )

Also, in addition to my Little Red Riding Hood cookies being featured on the Hostess with the Mostess website, Flour Box Bakery was also featured on the WPSU Local Food Journey. I'll be posting a behind-the-scenes blog post on the interview and the making-of-the-cookies - which were themed 'April Showers bring May Flowers'. 

Here is a photo of my demonstration set-up. It took me a little bit of time to get everything organized just right!

In non-cookie news, our family had a wonderful Easter. We dyed lots of eggs, first at home and then again with my family. Gotta love our mug collection!!

My family had 8 dozen eggs to dye and so many different kits!

Then on Easter we enjoyed a great church service and a wonderful Easter dinner with Topher's family. Grace got to do the biggest egg hunt ever.  I think we had enough eggs for 15 kids, but we only had three. Grace had so much fun. Plus, she tried her very first piece of bubble gum...and then swallowed it. Oops.

Did I mention that we have a new renovation to our house? Last spring, a friendly robin took to building a nest next to our deck light. A normal bird's nest that became the home to four adorable babies. 

This year, the nest has been remodeled and has now doubled in size!

The nest is so high that I can't peek in to see if there are any eggs. But, Easter morning I angled my camera into the nest and took this photo...which shows four beautiful blue eggs!!

I've already started picking names of course!

That's all for now...looking forward to the April Showers post for this Sunday. 

Until then, have a sweet weekend,


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Hostess with the Mostess Feature {Little Red Riding Hood}

posted Wednesday Apr 27, 2011 at 08:31 AM by Anne Yorks — 2 comments

On Monday, Flour Box Bakery cookies were featured on a dreamy dessert table created by One Sweet Party on the HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS website. Click here to view the HWTM post with all the party details.

I was so honored to be asked to make custom cookies for a Little Red Riding Hood themed birthday party.

This is the feature cookie, Little Red herself. This cookie took 9 icing colors and a little bit of patience to put together.  The designs were based on the party printables from One Sweet Party. 

I also made a special personalized cookie for the birthday girl, Daisha. 

I used the same font as the party stationary, placecards, bags, etc. I liked the little daisy flowers in the grass. Two little white and yellow dots, so simple, yet so cute.

Here are the photos from Partyscape set-up...these were taken by Karen Lisa Artistic Photography. I just happen to think she did an amazing job!

The party set-up was created by Yadira and Johanna of One Sweet Party. All the party supplies, bags, tags, and stationary are available through their website/etsy shop. 

They assembled a great crew of vendors to contribute to the project. I have listed the vendors at the bottom of this post with links. 

See my cookies in the mix? They look super cute next to those cupcakes on the left. And how about those adorable ones on the right? In the little flower pots? I wish this was my party!

I love how every detail is attended to. Even a paper wrapper for the plasticware!

And little flags on the straws.

Doesn't this cake from The Dream Cakery look gorgeous?

I also made little daisy cookies, which were adorned with a cute leaf 'enjoy' tag and hung beautifully on a tree branch.


I like the polka dot accent paper behind the cookies. I usually just photograph cookies on a white plain platter, but this gives me some new ideas for photos!

One last dreamy shot of the dessert table...

Here are the vendor credits and links...check out these amazing businesses. Many have blogs and facebook pages!


- Photography:  Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

- Event Styling, Graphic Design & Printables:  One Sweet Party

- Custom Hand-iced Sugar Cookies:  Flour Box Bakery

- Floral Arrangements:  Forget Me Not Flower Shop

- Custom Cake: The Dream Cakery

Have a sweet day,


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Be Audit You Can Be

posted Friday Apr 08, 2011 at 01:55 PM by Anne Yorks — 2 comments

Have you hugged a CPA today? It's that time of year when accountants are going nuts trying to meet the biggest tax deadline of the year. 

I had the honor of making a set of Tax Day cookies. Definitely a sweet way to say thank you, right?

I started working with my client a few months ago on this order. We had a ton of ideas for the cookies, but in the end, we settled on pencils, calculators, coffee mugs, and calculators. 

The most difficult cookie in the bunch to design was the tax return. And I had to make 50 of them. This cookie is 2" x 4" and so there is just no good way of replicating an exact 1040 tax return form. So I went for a 'likeness' of a tax form. 

It included a special message from the sender and the most important party...the refund!! I decided to make the refund the same as our year. 


My favorite cookie of the order was the calculator. 

The buttons were raised white icing. After letting it dry completely, I added the numbers and symbols. Again, I used the tax due date as the screen number ... April 15, 2011. I wonder if any of the CPAs noticed before they took a big bite of their cookie?


This was the first time I made a pencil cookie. I will be using this design for another order for Teacher Appreciation Week in May. I found it online at www.CopperGifts.com. If you love cookie cutters, you really need to check out their selection. It's the best!

I know a few CPAs and they totally don't fit the nerdy stereotype. As a matter of fact, they are some of the funniest and personable people I know. So I guessed a there are lots of CPAs with a good sense of humor out there. That's why I included the 'Be Audit You Can Be' coffee mug. 

Topher had a little fun with these cookies. Wouldn't it be great if taxes were as simple as using a cookie pencil and filling in 5 lines to get a refund. If I were President, I'd make this law. 

And if you make an error, no problem, just erase it and start over.

Or just eat it all and call it a day!

Have a sweet week...and if you still have to do your taxes...keep calm and have a cookie. I had a few cookies while prepping my taxes and then I brought a few extra cookies to my tax lady. She was so excited. A little sugar rush to get through the busy season.


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