I had a great meeting with a client today. We discussed cookie plans for an upcoming bridal shower. I'm so excited to start the project. It's only a few weeks away - yeah! I have a few new cutters that need to be ordered to make the project complete.

Collaborating on cookies projects is one of the many pleasures of my job as a cookie artist. The following project was ordered by the mother of a member of a championship Hip Hop dance team in Lock Haven. Actually, the dancer's 'stage name' is Bug. How cool. Wonder where that name came from? 

I wasn't sure what my stage name would be, so I asked Toph. This is where things got good.

Topher thinks my stage name would be 'Flour Power'. Then he said 'A Rock'. After that he offered up 'Sweet Feet'. Here are a few more thoughts from Toph: 'Ice Ice Mommy', 'Busta Crumb', and 'Sprink'. Then we decided my Native American name would be 'Dances with Cookies'. Maybe it's good I'm not on a dance team. No stage name needed when you just make cookies.

Ok, so back to the cookies. The dance team's colors are red and black and they are called the Wolf Pack. It's a co-ed dance team. Some of the members wear white tanks and others wear black/red plaid skirts.

Here's another shot of the tanks. I added the wolf to make things tie into the theme of the team. 

Here's a close up of the plaid on the skirts.

And then each team member got a star. I included two extra stars...one for the mom and one for the instructor. Gotta keep everyone happy.

I hope the dance competition went well! I am thinking the cookies gave everyone happy feet!

Have a sweet day,

Sprink ; )