Sick of blog posts about pink stuff? Well, here's one for the guys.

Let's start it off with a quiz just to be sure you're paying attention. Which picture displays real hot dogs, not cookies?

Picture A                                                     Picture B


Did you choose 'A'? Then you would be correct! Your thinking cap is tied on tightly. Good job.

A few weeks ago I posted a question on my facebook page asking how people enjoy their dogs. There are a lot of ways people like to dress them up.

Ketchup and Mustard                                 Cheese Sauce


Sauerkraut                                               Relish                                  


Personally, I'm a fan of turkey hot dogs. I eat mine with course ground mustard, onions, ketchup, and sauerkraut. I don't like relish in real life, but I sure do like it on my cookie dogs. I used my favorite icing tip, #14. 

I made these cookies for a tailgate themed event at my church, Centre Church. They were gone before I even had time to get to the food tables. I know it might seem crazy, but I'm going to offer these on the Flour Box website (click here to view product information). Maybe I won't sell a single order of these. But I bet there are a few other nuts like me that think it's kinda funny to bring hot dog cookies to the football/tailgate party.

Don't worry. I'm not completely crazy. I also offer these traditional football cookies too.

And speaking of football. I am planning to attend the annual Penn State Homecoming game. My college roommate is flying back from Arizona for the event. But there might be a little twist to the weekend. I hope to share the fun news on my blog as soon as it is official. 

Have a sweet week.