Please ... before you read this post, please keep in mind that these are not political ... they are just cookies. Just flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. That's it. : )

With that said...

It's kind of cool when the President comes to town. He is here today at Penn State to visit research labs and deliver a speech about energy efficiency. I am not one of the 1,000 people that will not attend the speech. Too bad, because I would have loved to give President Obama a cookie gift, of course. 

Thankfully, I did get an order from a member of the Centre County Democrats. I decided to make the Obama 'Horizon O' and a portrait cookie of Obama. I hope they enjoy these cookies ... and if the Leader of the Free World gets a sugar craving mid-speech, hopefully someone will pass him a cookie (and milk too). Can you imagine if that would happen? That just makes me smile thinking about it.


There seems to be so many preparations that come with a visit from the President. Sections of campus will be closed off today and certain roads will also be closed. Air Force One will be landing at our local (small-ish) airport. The landing and take-off are closed to the public. What a shame. I would love to see that plane. My mom TiVo'd a special on the history channel all about Air Force One. Not a bad way to travel.

I am excited for Topher (my husband). He will be part of the crew that will be televising the event on the Big Ten Network. I usually watch most things Topher works on, and I'm definitely going to check this out! It's on today, LIVE, at noon on the Big Ten Network.

I enjoyed making the portrait cookie. I did the base white layer first, then went back and added the face detail, piping and flooding the different areas to get Obama's face. I found this image online. It was similar the image that was used on Obama HOPE posters.

I love red, white, and blue - so I had fun making the Obama 'O' cookie. I always get a little nervous with light and dark colors next to each other because they can run together and bleed the colors. I did the white icing first and let it dry for an hour or so. Then I went back and did the blue and let that get dry. The red was the final color added to the cookie. I am normally very careful with my cookie work, but I really took my time with these cookies, out of respect for the President, of course.

Maybe President Obama needs a White House Cookie Girl? I'm available. I would be happy to make cookies for special events or visiting dignitaries. Wouldn't it be cool if the United States had a 'Cookies for Peace' campaign. I think cookies and milk maybe could solve the world's problems. 

"Hey Iran. Grumpy today? Feeling like persecuting the innocent or taking advantage of neighboring countries? Here, have a cookie and some milk from Meyer Dairy." 

And then there was peace : )

Ahhhh, if it only it were that simple.

God Bless America,