Can you guess what I'm bringing to Thanksgiving dinner? 

Thanksgiving dinner, in cookies of course! It is officially the sweetest turkey dinner, ever!

I have been cookie dreaming over this idea for weeks and weeks. I think I have looked at hundreds of turkey dinner photos to get inspiration for my table. I really loved the colors of this table setting from

I decided to create a delicious dinner for six with all the trimmings. Here is a bird's eye view of the spread. 

I liked this idea of the candles spelling "Giving Thanks" from


I modified it a bit to suit my needs and made some 'Give Thanks' leaves that decorated the corners of my Thanksgiving table. 


I loved the coloring of these serving bowls from I thought they fit right in with my color scheme.

I used those serving bowls as the inspiration for my mashed potato and corn dishes. 


I found these place cards from

I thought it would be fun to have place cards at each table setting. I used a piece of fabric for my tablecloth and scrapbook paper for my place mats. The place cards of course were 100% cookie. 


I wrestled with my ideas for a table centerpiece. In the end, I decided the middle focal point of the table would be the big roast turkey cookie. I found these gorgeous candles at with a small floral arrangement and wanted to flank my turkey with two of these. 

The cookie that I thought would be my greatest challenge, ended up being my favorite cookie. I liked that big orange flower.

I can never stop eating on Thanksgiving Day. And one of my favorite dishes is good old fashioned green been casserole. This photo is from the

I put the cookie version of the casserole in the center, right in front of Tom (turkey that is).

Then there were a few other details that I decided would make my table complete.

A nice bottle of vino. Salt and Pepper.

Dinner rolls in the bread basket.

The gravy boat and the cranberry sauce. Personally, I don't care for either. But Mom does, so I wanted to make sure she would enjoy dinner!

I'm so thankful this year for all my blessings; for Topher and my girls, our big families on both sides, our great group of friends and church family, coffee, circus peanuts, the diaper fairy (aka Mom), and COOKIES!

Have a very wonderful and sweet Thanksgiving!!!