Day 1: Santa Cupcake
Day 2: Ornament 
Day 3: Snowflake
Day 4: Gingerbread House
Day 5: Nativity Scene
Day 6 Holiday Owls
Day 7: Christmas Stockings

You can click on the links above OR you can check out the 12 Days Playlist on our YouTube Channel!We add each new video when they are released!

Check out this cute cookie design for Day 8 - SUGAR MITTENS!!


Don't you love that color!?! Believe it not, it's Americolor Burgundy. Funny, not burgundy in my eyes at all...but totally beautiful!


To create this design, I used the mitten cookie cutter:

And the Fair Isle Stencil


Four more videos left in this fun series!! Can't wait. We might be saving the best for last!

Happy Decorating,