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Spring Babies!!

posted Thursday Apr 12, 2012 at 07:26 AM by Anne Yorks — 16 comments

I think it is the age that I'm at, but there seems to be a baby explosion going on. Within my group of friends (facebook, neighborhood, and friendy-friends), I know of more than 35 babies that have been born within the last 9 months. I am one of the 35. I have a 7-month-old. I don't know that many people...so goodness, it's a lot of babies! I guess this terrible economy gives us few options on a limited budget, huh? ; )

My customers are having lots of babies too!! I do a lot of onesies, carriages, and rattles...so I don't post all those orders because it gets repetitive. But, here are a few highlights of custom orders. Sorry for the quality of the photos...these were a quick turn around and so I just snapped a few cell phone pics. I don't Instagram...so this is what you get.

This set of baby girl cookies coordinated with a beautiful pink flower room. The design on the onesies was actually inspired by the lamp in the the baby's nursery.

The crib quilt was absolutely adorable. So I matched these flowers and rattles to that blanket. I loved the colors and the cheery design. It was also fun to do a new version of a rattle cookie.

Here is my good ole standby, the polka dot carriage. This little cookie has been with me since the beginning. I could make her in my sleep, I think.

Here's the group together. Fun! Fun!

Here's a pic from the customer. I love getting cookie photos from the client. It shows they are happy and it shows that it all arrived in one piece!

Then, I was invited to a small shower for one of my friends. She is having her third baby, so it was more of a 'girls night out' theme. I decided against a cutesy idea and went with a more modern design. Plus, I made them CHOCOLATE. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmm.

This cookie might fall into the 'it was cool to do it once, but probably won't do it again' category. Piping the words alone took 20 minutes per cookie. This did not include any time for mixing, baking, chilling, coloring, or packing. The mom-to-be loved it, though. And that is all that matters!

You'll have to check back on Monday. I have a special project that I will be sharing that I did as part of a collaborative cookie collection with a few cookie friends. It was super fun to make and I think you'll like it too! I'll try to get it up on Monday afternoon.

Have a sweet rest of your weekend!


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It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

posted Wednesday Apr 11, 2012 at 11:36 PM by Anne Yorks — 10 comments

It's a superhero cookie!! 

I made two sets of these cookies for two real-life superheros. Two guys, with birthdays one day apart, both comic book fans, big hearts, and they don't even know each other. Nuts. 

The theme of this project was DC Comics. No Marvel characters here. I do like Marvel and I am SO EXCITED to see the new Avengers movie this May. More Iron Man, please! 

For this project, I did four characters and included the character and their symbol. 


Batman cookies, but no Robin. He didn't make the cut this time.

I liked the Wonder Woman cookie. But her logo, well, not so neat. I just don't like sloppy, but I didn't have time to remake them. Topher says I'm nuts when I complain about cookie mistakes, but they just stare back at me. Oh well, no matter how they look, they always taste good.

On our first Halloween, I invited Topher over for dinner to my apartment. I told him 'costumes required'. I dressed as a 50s girl in a poodle skirt. Topher was Clark Kent, with a Superman t-shirt under his dress shirt. Kind of cool that he turned out to be my real-life Superman too.

The comic book action words were fun cookies for the mix. I'm sure you can guess my favorite. 

Zzzwap!!!!!!!! That's what I say when I finish a cookie order!

So ... on an unrelated note, can I just take a moment to thank everyone for their sweet comments about the Peep State Football Team project. I was overwhelmed with the kind things people said. Plus it got picked up by the Big Ten Network's website, www.btn.com click here to view the article. Then, not only was it shared on several PSU blogs, it was also shared on Penn State's official facebook page and PEEPS official facebook page. I'm just a little cookie baker in Bellefonte, PA, so this was all pretty cool. 

I didn't win the contest in the newspaper, but I really didn't make the project to win. I just want to give my fellow Blue and White fans a chance to smile. I do already have my project idea for the contest for next year. I just need to ask Just Born/Peeps very nicely to make me 5 special Peeps for my idea. Maybe if I send cookies with my request, then they would do it? Hmmmm. I'll have to work on a sweet little plan.  :) 

BUT, the Peep State team does need a home ... anyone have any ideas of where the display could go for Blue/White weekend? A tailgate? Let me know if you have any ideas :) It's super cute, but at this point the peeps are not edible. It would be display only. I'd love to find it a happy home.

Have a sweet day!


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Happy Spring, Happy Valley!

posted Saturday Mar 31, 2012 at 01:16 PM by Anne Yorks — 34 comments

It's finally spring in Happy Valley. That means the weather is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and the football team is starting practice in preparation for the annual Blue and White game.

So what better way to welcome a new spring, a new season, and our new football coach...

...then to turn everyone into PEEPS!

Yep, that's the Peep State football team heading out of the Bunny Stadium tunnel and onto the field.

In case you've never been to a Peep State football game, allow me to introduce you to the cast of characters.

Introducing Peep State's new head coach, Bill O'Peep. He is ready for a new football era, leading his team onto the field for the first time this spring. Coach O'Peep has left no doubt with the fans that he is ready for this challenge and excited to continue to build on the program's goal of 'Sweetness with Honor'.

The uniforms are simple, no emphasis on the individual Peep...but rather a unified look for a unified team. And while the team is talented in every position, Peep State is recognized for being especially strong in the sugarbacker position and is known as 'Sugarbacker U'.

The Peep State fans are loud and wild and full of school spirit. They wear crazy wigs, silly blue and white overalls, and shake their foam fingers. Some have called this group the greatest student section in all of college football. Many students camp out in front of Bunny Stadium for days before the game in what they call 'Peepternoville'. In rain, freezing cold, or snow they spend days in the elements just to get the front-row seats.

No one gets the crowd rallied quite like the Sugary Lion, the team's mascot. He's the king of the beasts, the fiercest lion in the land. Each time the team scores a touchdown, the Sugary Lion shows his strength by doing one-armed push-ups for the number of points the team has earned.

The Peep Band also knows how to get the crowd moving and grooving. The crowd favorites include 'Hail to the Peep', 'Fight on Peep', and the 'Peep State Alma Mater'. Lead by the drum major, it is superstition that if he lands his flips during the opening march of the game, then the team is in for a great win!

The Bunny Sapphire is the featured twirler that performs with the band. She does tricks and flips while twirling multiple batons at once. Outfitted in a sparkly blue and white uniform, she catches the eye of all the single bunnies in the crowd!

The crowd is made up of moms and dads, alumni, students, and even an angel from heaven watching over his team and stadium. 

Just before the team takes the field the crowd takes one last moment to shout encouragement to the team chanting their signature cheer "We Are! Peep State!" 

One of the best features of Bunny Stadium is the way it's designed...completely out of cookies! So if you're watching the game and you get a little hungry? No problem. You can take a little nibble without even leaving your seat! Delicious!

Can you guess how many Peeps are on this diorama? 

There are 112 Peeps...all in costume. The costumes and accessories are made of icing and are completely edible. The walls and awning are made of cookies. 

This project was created for fun and entered into the Annual Pittsburgh Tribune Review Peep Contest. To view the entire slideshow of the 2012 entries, click here.

Thanks for peepin' this and have a sweet week!


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Easter Cookie Gifts

posted Friday Mar 23, 2012 at 11:02 PM by Anne Yorks — 10 comments

This year, Flour Box Bakery will be offering two Easter Cookie Collections. I am so thrilled be offering a vanilla and a chocolate cookie collection! 


The first collection is a pink and green set of whimsical Easter Bunnies, Carrots and Eggs. There are 14 vanilla sugar cookies and 6 bite-sized cookies. Click here to view order info.

Sometimes it's the strangest detail that ends up being my favorite. Can you guess what I like best about these cookies?

It's that funny little carrot top! I don't know what it is, but it makes me smile.

The bunnies make me smile too. I also love the color combination of this collection...the two shades of pink and the two shades of green, plus the white just work so nicely together! As much as this collection is whimsical, it's also a little preppy too.


The second collection available this Easter is a bold, bright set of Easter Baskets and Eggs. This gift includes a total of 16 cookies 12 hand-decorated eggs and 4 Easter baskets. The cookies are chocolate and are made with Hershey's cocoa. I think these chocolate cookies are super delicious. Click here to view order info.  

The recipe I used is a variation of Lilaloa's. 

I originally tested the eggs with multiple colors of detail, but the white looked so much better and I think it really make the colors pop out a little brighter! Whenever I dye eggs with my 4-year-old, I like to let them soak for a long time to get a big color.

I had fun experimenting with the basketweave on the yellow and pink baskets by making them two-tone. It's a pretty cool look, in my opinion. 

Did you know that all Flour Box Bakery cookie gifts are packaged quite nicely for the recipient. 

Cookies are individually packed in a heat-sealed bag. They are nestled in a bed of crinkle paper and cushioned with a lining of bubble wrap. The cookie box is lined with a folded piece of tissue paper. The box is then decorated with a ribbon and a Flour Box Bakery greeting postcard...with your personal message! It's a great way to send a little something sweet to the ones you love! 

If you are interested in order...click here for the Easter Collection order details. There are limited quantities on these collections. I'll be accepting orders for Easter until Sunday, April 1st...or until sold out. All order will ship between April 2-4. Please email me at anne@flourboxbakery.com if you have any questions!

Thank you and have a very sweet week,


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Cherry Bomb Salon and Spa

posted Sunday Mar 18, 2012 at 09:17 AM by Anne Yorks — 5 comments

How long have you known your oldest friend? Jessie is a friend I have know since 6th grade. We just seemed to click right away. We stayed close throughout Jr. High and High School, a trip to Spain and the Jolly Pirate, and then (unplanned) we both went to Penn State, where again we remained close. Now years later, Jessie and I are still close friends. 

Here we are during one of her recent visits to Happy Valley. Jessie is on the left. My big brother is next to her. Then me. And on the right are lovebirds Meg and Lance. This was a fun night!! I know this is a cell phone pic...but can you see Jessie's hair? Hot pink highlights. Really, if anyone I know can pull that off, it's Jessie. 

I am so proud of my sweet friend Jessie. She took a leap and a risk, that many never do. She and her business partner Lori, opened their own business, a chic and hip salon called Cherry Bomb Salon and Spa in Cooperstown, PA. If you're in the Lehigh Valley area, you NEED to check it out. Cherry Bomb is now celebrating their one-year anniversary! And to mark this special occasion, I whipped a few very special cookies to help Jessie celebrate!

I had so much fun making these cookies. I would like to say a very special thank you to Mandy, who helped me get a copy of the salon's logo. And an even bigger thank you to Ben Reffie of SixReffie, a full-time, freelance graphic designer with mad talent! Click here to view Ben's portfolio or to contact him for work on one of your upcoming projects. 

I drew inspiration from both Ben's designs and the salon's decor...here's a close-up of a few of the cookies...

I think my favorite cookie of the group was the black mirror. Ben turned both Jessie (left mirror) and Lori into a retro cartoon chicks. So funky and cool. And isn't that logo the bomb (pun intended)?

Cherry Bomb's decor is directly from the imagination of Jessie and Lori. It's got a vintage vibe with a modern twist. 

This dream sign inspired a few of the cookies. I originally was going to put 'Happy 1st Anniversary', but decided to go with just 'Dream'. It's the passion of these two girls that have turned a dream into a reality ... and it's that passion that got them through their first year. Plus, Happy 1st Anniversary is super long and tough to fit on a cookie. Ha!

Happy Anniversary and congratulations, Jessie and Lori! I'm so proud of youboth and I see many years of success in your future!


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