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Wolf Pack Dance Team Cookies

posted Tuesday Mar 23, 2010 at 09:43 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

I had a great meeting with a client today. We discussed cookie plans for an upcoming bridal shower. I'm so excited to start the project. It's only a few weeks away - yeah! I have a few new cutters that need to be ordered to make the project complete.

Collaborating on cookies projects is one of the many pleasures of my job as a cookie artist. The following project was ordered by the mother of a member of a championship Hip Hop dance team in Lock Haven. Actually, the dancer's 'stage name' is Bug. How cool. Wonder where that name came from? 

I wasn't sure what my stage name would be, so I asked Toph. This is where things got good.

Topher thinks my stage name would be 'Flour Power'. Then he said 'A Rock'. After that he offered up 'Sweet Feet'. Here are a few more thoughts from Toph: 'Ice Ice Mommy', 'Busta Crumb', and 'Sprink'. Then we decided my Native American name would be 'Dances with Cookies'. Maybe it's good I'm not on a dance team. No stage name needed when you just make cookies.

Ok, so back to the cookies. The dance team's colors are red and black and they are called the Wolf Pack. It's a co-ed dance team. Some of the members wear white tanks and others wear black/red plaid skirts.

Here's another shot of the tanks. I added the wolf to make things tie into the theme of the team. 

Here's a close up of the plaid on the skirts.

And then each team member got a star. I included two extra stars...one for the mom and one for the instructor. Gotta keep everyone happy.

I hope the dance competition went well! I am thinking the cookies gave everyone happy feet!

Have a sweet day,

Sprink ; )

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Yep, it's a cookie!

posted Monday Mar 22, 2010 at 03:11 PM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

I think I just might have the best customers ever! You guys are cool, happy, fun people that love cookies. And you never stop amazing me with your party ideas. It just makes my job so great.  

I got a request that made me think twice. The customer wanted a JUMBO cookie the size of a cake in the shape of Elmo. Can I really do this? I decided I could and I think it was successful.

First, I sketched a big Elmo head on a clean piece of cardboard. Next I rolled a very large section of dough. Large enough so that I could do the cookie as one piece. Using my jumbo cardboard stencil, I hand-cut the head. From the remaining dough, I cut the eyes using an oval cutter and the nose from a round cutter. I used my mini round cutter to make the pupils. I think this made Elmo look cool because he was a little dimensional. 

I did use a different icing on the head than I normally use on my cookies. Typically I'm a royal icing girl, but for the large head I decided that a buttercream would be the way to go. I have a great buttercream recipe that I use on the cakes I do for family projects. This icing is a little softer and has a richer flavor. It's not something that can be used on a product if it's shipping, but this was a pick-up order.

The mouth was cut freehand. But as you'll see in this next picture, the first mouth wasn't quite 'Elmo' enough. I'm holding the bad mouth. See how it is the wrong shape and too small?

So in the middle of the project I had to switch gears to quickly bake another one. I baked the 2nd mouth and was much happier with the size and shape. 

The customer also wanted a message to her daughter. I made three personalized birthday cake cookies just for the birthday girl.

This is actually a new birthday cake cookie cutter I was testing out. It's cute. I like the heart at the top. It worked with Elmo's red fur too.

It was funny because a day before the order was due, I realized I didn't have a bakery box large enough to fit a cake. All my boxes are smaller 'cookie' boxes. I had to make a run to the local Michael's craft store to find this huge jumbo box. I was just so happy that everything fit perfectly inside. 

Have a sweet day! Don't forget to check out the Easter and Spring cookies on the site. Only a week left until the order deadline (Monday, March 29th)

Have a sweet day,

(P.S. Sorry the quality of the pics on this post were kind of poor. I had taken the photos of the cookies while they were in the box. It made for some weird shadowy stuff on the cookies.)

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For the Boys

posted Sunday Mar 21, 2010 at 03:47 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Do you believe in taking a day of rest? I do, but the challenge is finding the time. My weekly schedule includes taking care of my family, cleaning, activities, helping my mom, and balancing web and event cookie orders (that typically fall on weekends). I find that by the time I get home from church on Sunday, my mental to-do list has me busy until bedtime. 

But what happens when I stop to drink a cup of coffee on the deck during my daughter's nap (like today). Or to read a few chapters in a book that's just for fun (like the 'Lunch in Paris' book I got for my birthday). Or to watch a few minutes of a cooking show on the Food Network while I craft a witty blog post (like I'm doing right now. I'm giving Melissa D'Arabian another shot at earning my viewership). I feel like me, that's what happens. And it feels so good. And then...I feel like I can take on the world for one more week. Rest is good and I'm so glad for the 7th day of the week. Here's hoping that I remember to do this again next week, right? Or maybe the to-do list will overcome me. I certainly hope not.

So onto some cookie biz...

Lately, I've been covering the cute, Springy projects I've been working on for Easter. But not today. Nope. Today is about dirt and trucks and boys. I have to say, my comfort zone is girly princess, dresses, shoes, wedding, and baby stuff. So the challenge to break out of that arena is always welcomed. I love stretching my creativity and trying something new.

Enter the monster truck...

This truck is adapted from the famous Grave Digger. Have you seen this thing? It's a little intimidating...

You know, like the big skull on the side? Yipe!

So I set out to make a green and purple monster truck. But I wanted something really special for this cookie because the customer is really special. So I picked up a little bottle of luster dust. 

And I painted the pipes, fenders, and hubcaps silver to make them look like chrome. Can you see the sheen? It was very cool in person, but the picture might not do it justice.

Maybe this close-up is a little better?

So neat! I can think of a couple of other cool applications for this stuff. It was time consuming, though. I had to dip my (food-only) paintbrush into water (some people use vodka), then dab in the dust, and then paint the cookie. I also learned a few things along the way. I think it might go easier the second time around.

In the end I was so happy that I went the extra mile to add a special detail. Especially after seeing the birthday cake. The guest of honor's mother made this...

She makes amazing cakes! I know because I got to try a piece of the leftovers from when she carved the truck. YUM! I am signing up to be a taste tester! She tipped me off on a few secrets for this cake. The wheels are actually donuts covered in fondant. And I love the detail on the side of the truck...hand piped buttercream icing of course! The 'dirt' around the truck is brown sugar.

Good news...she is now making cakes for customers including, birthday, baby, graduation, wedding...etc. I don't think there is a cake she wouldn't do. I can pass along information to anyone that might be interested in ordering from her. Just email me at anne@flourboxbakery.com She has a nice portfolio of previous work available.

It's time to go enjoy more nice weather and rest. I hope you're making the time too!

Have a sweet day,

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Ready to Swim?

posted Thursday Mar 18, 2010 at 04:28 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Usually, I don't post cookie pictures until after the order has been delivered to the customer. But, I made a tester cookie for the order I'm currently working on and I wanted to share it with you even though the order isn't due until tomorrow. 

So cute, right?

Here is their actual logo.

Wondering what ISR stands for? It means Infant Swimming Resource. 

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) , the safest provider of self-rescue swimming lessons for babies and toddlers from six months to six years old, today announced that it giving a live, in-water demonstration of its self-rescue swimming lessons at the Best Western University Park Inn and Suites in State College, PA. 

They are holding the open house/demonstration this Saturday. [enter Flour Box cookies] And, my cookies will be part of the event. Pretty neat. I felt honored they ordered cookies for the launch of their program in our community.In case you are interested in checking them out...here's the skinny on the open house: 

When: Saturday, March 20th 

Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. 

Where: Best Western University Park Inn & Suites 

Address: 115 Premiere Dr., State College, PA 16801 

Contact: Tanja Bacigulupi 

Phone: (352) 217-0526 

email: t.bacigulupi@infantswim.com 

ISR integrates swimming skills that are developmentally appropriate for young children, teaching them to save their own lives, while building the confidence that can lead to a lifetime of fun in and around the water. For more than 40 years, ISR has successfully provided self-rescue skills training to more than 200,000 infants and young children with a 100 percent safety record. 

Their record is not too shabby, huh? I wish 100 percent of my cookies turned out perfect every time. But, then I guess Toph would be sad that there weren't any mess-ups. 

For more information on ISR, water and swim safety, please visit www.infantswim.com. 

If this weather holds up, hopefully we'll all be swimming soon. 

Have a sweet day, 


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Spring Fever!!!!!

posted Wednesday Mar 17, 2010 at 10:13 PM by Anne Yorks — 2 comments

Spring Fever. I have it bad! I cannot wait until the flowers start to bloom. Of course, they have already started to bloom in my kitchen.

I have definitely saved my favorite collection for last. The final collection I am offering for Easter/Spring 2010 is called, drum roll please.......Spring Fever. (if you missed my last three posts...I give you an up close look at the three other cookie collections I have recently added to the my site: Easter Parade, Egg Hunt, and Bunnies and Chicks)

Here is the full view of the Spring Fever cookies:

It includes 2 pink ladybugs, 2 yellow tulips, 3 bubble bees, 2 butterflies, 3 pink daisies, 2 watering cans, and 2 white and yellow daisies. My friends, this is most definitely 'Spring in a bakery box'.

Here is a closer look at the critters.

And the flowers.

And my favorite cookie of them all, the watering can.

What do you think? Do have the fever??

Ok - that's it for Easter and Spring! If you're planning to order, I suggest you do so by March 29th for timely shipping. 

Coming soon to the Flour Box Blog...
  1. A Monster Truck themed birthday party.
  2. A few amazing custom cookie orders. (really, I was honored to be asked to do these orders)
  4. A super cool handmade gift 
  5. A blog post by my husband Topher (I know I have promised this before, but he really keeps saying he has something to say. Toph...are you out there? What's up, buddy? Fill us in!)
  6. Flour Box gives back to the community. Oh yes, I'm a baker with a big heart!
  7. And a few more fun surprises! I can't give away all my secrets!

Plus, the newest edition of the Flour Box e-newsletter will be sent tomorrow (Thursday, March, 18th). Want a copy? Click on the newsletter link on the homepage of my site (on the far right)! It's that easy. I send about 1 or 2 a month.

Have a sweet day,

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