Sweet Sugarbelle STARTER BUNDLE includes BOTH the Shape Shifters Cookie Cutter Set & Tool Set and the Sugarbelle Basic Tool Kit. The Shape Shifter set includes: 18 cookie cookie cutters, 40 templates, 2 edgers, 11 instruction cards, 3 recipe cards, 12 piping bags, 2 bag ties, 1 (#2) icing tip, 1 coupler, 1 food marker, 1 2-in-1 tool, and 2 4oz bottles. Cutter shapes: heart, boy/girl, candy corn, pencil, plaque, balloon, paisley, girl, cake, tulip, flip flop, snowman, gift box, house, tomb stone, head, ice cream cone, and egg. Basic Tool Kit includes everything you need to create your cookie masterpieces.  Kit includes: 25 piping bags, 4 tips, 4 couplers, 2 large bottles, 2 small bottles, 4 cookie cutters, 8 templates, 1 instruction card, offset spatula,(2) 2-1 decorating tools, cookie/food pick, bottle spatula, 8 bag ties, spray bottle, and 2 food markers. Buy this starter set and SAVE 10% 72.00 (regular price 80.00).

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