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How to Decorate Graduation Cookies

posted Tuesday May 01, 2018 at 09:50 PM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Over the years, I have created many grad cookie sets. It's such a popular cookie event. And this year, I finally to the time to create a video tutorial to show how to make the 3 most popular requests: the diploma, grad cap, and gown.

Check out the video to see how these quickly come together!

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:


I used the Chefmaster liqua-gel colors to make this set. You'll probably want to customize your school colors, but here's a list of what I used: navy blue, white, golden yellow (tassle), and black. See the full collection of liqua-gel colors - click here.

These cookies are not highly detailed, making them great for a beginner. The flat basketweave tips make these cookies super quick. The narrow flat tip is Wilton #301.

The wide tip used on the diploma ribbon is Wilton #44.

I love #44 and use it all the time! Can you spot where I used it in all these projects? Check out the full blog post about tip #44 - CLICK HERE


Looking for more graduation inspiration...check out the tutorials page for more school and graduation cookie designs - CLICK HERE!

You can find a ton of school and grad cutter options in our shop.

Happy Decorating!


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How to Decorate a Cool Cactus

posted Monday Apr 16, 2018 at 06:48 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Last month, I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my college roommate. We toured around the city for a few days and took a day trip to Sedona. I love Arizona! The food was amazing. The weather was gorgeous. And the cacti, they were the cutest!!! I had a blast! To say thank you for my amazing stay, I made these Cool Cactus cookies to send to my friend!

Check out the video tutorial! Use the graphics to learn what tips to use and when to dry the icing. 

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:


I used the Chefmaster liqua-gel colors to make this set. Here's a list:

- Neon bright green + leaf green to make the base green icing. 
- Leaf green for the squiggly cactus accents.
- A drop of deep pink to make the pink flower.
- And then many drops to make the bright pink sunglasses frame.
- Super black and bright white for the final details

See the full collection of liqua-gel colors - click here

Sooooo, did you notice that adorable pink flower in the video? 

Use tip #129 to create quick and easy drop flowers! Cute flowers shouldn't take more than a second to make! No flower nails or parchment squares for this cutie!

I used royal icing transfers to make the sunglasses. It's just easier than freehanding. I know the hearts will be the same size each time. And I don't typically get cracks or craters in royal icing transfers. Plus, I can save the extras if I want to make a cool cactus in the future. 

First I planned out the size of the hearts. 


Then I copied the hearts a bunch of times so I could make a bunch of cookies. I used a tipless bag to outline and flood the hearts.

Download this heart royal icing pattern sheet to make the sunglasses!

I added the sparkle and shine with the Bright Silver Crystal Color + White Jewel Dust!


This Sugarbelle cutter is my favorite cactus shape. I also used it to make a Christmas Cactus (click here to see the tutorial).

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at the cactus cookie! 


Happy Decorating!



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How to Decorate a Llama Cookie

posted Friday Apr 06, 2018 at 07:33 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Can we all agree that the Ann Clark Cookie Cutter Company is the best? I have been asking for a llama cookie cutter...and they just released the cutest one possible! It's only $1.99...find it in our shop - click here!

Today we are having a birthday dinner for one of my bffs and I made these special cookies for her. We're also having Siri Daly's Greek Nachos again (not related to llamas, but worth sharing since this recipe got 8 HUGE thumbs up from my family!)

Check out this video tutorial showing how to decorate a llama cookie.

Since the details are smaller, I used PME tip #1.5.  I also used tipless bags for the flooding...making clean-up so much easier!! Find them here! And the black food marker is a foodoodler (ultra thin for the finest details! These markers are the best. They never dry out!) Find the markers here!

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:



One thing that makes these cookies special is that I'm using the NEW Sugarbelle food gels. Here are the colors featured: pink, orange, yellow, bright green, dark green, aqua, brown and purple. See the bundle of all 10 colors - click here.

The new cookie cutter is a great size! It is 4 1/4" x 3".

Happy Decorating!




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How to Decorate CUTE Easter Eggs, Baskets & Bunnies

posted Thursday Mar 01, 2018 at 07:47 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Easter is coming! And it's one of my favorite holidays to decorate cookies!! 

I'm super excited to introduce my NEWEST cutter design with Ann Clark Cookie Cutters...this adorable Easter basket cookie cutter. Check out the video below from the Facebook LIVE broadcast on March 1st! 

I think it is one of those shapes that has a lot of shape shifting potential! I see bubbly ghost. If you flip it on the side, I see a cute fish. And, if you flip it upside down I see a boy wearing a king's crown! What do you see??

Here is the decorated basket (isn't it so adorbs)!!??

But enough about the new basket...let's take a look at this rainbow Easter Egg!

It looks impressive, but it is a fun and relatively easy technique to do. It's that marbling technique that adds such a pretty pop! When doing this wet-on-wet design it is important to use your flood icing for the white base and the rainbow colors!

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:


These are the Chefmaster colors I used in this set, since they are all pastels I added white food color to the base icing to keep the colors light: deep pink, sunset orange, lemon yellow, leaf green, sky blue, and violet. See the full collection of liqua-gel colors - click here

The tool I'm using in the video is the scribe tool. It's one of my favorite tools for decorating. A toothpick will do all the same tasks as the scribe, but I like the longer handle and thinner point of the scribe.

I also decorated two Easter cookies on Facebook live...the Easter Basket and a Stenciled Easter Egg.

This egg is featured in my Facebook LIVE event. Check out my new Easter basket cookie cutter and this beautiful Easter Egg.

I'm using this Fair Isle Easter Stencil  to create this beautiful Easter egg!

Here is a little more Easter Egg inspiration...using marbling, loops, and stencils!!!

Need more Easter inspiration? How about cute Easter Bunny with polka ears and heart nose!! 

You can also find this bunny cutter in our shop as part of the the 3 pc. Wilton Whimsical Easter Set.

Happy Decorating!!


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How to Decorate a Sparkling Shamrock

posted Thursday Feb 22, 2018 at 10:05 PM by Anne Yorks — 3 comments

I switched over to GREEN this week. It's been so fun. We have a fun leprechaun tutorial coming tomorrow. And today, a SPARKLING sharmrock.

Check out this sparkling shamrock video! It shows the new EDIBLE Jewel Dust. We now carry 20 colors in our shop!



This photo has no filter (or editing)...and the sparkle is so beautiful. 

The little bottle in the video is called a dust pump. We have a small and large size. Check them out here (you'll have to scroll down just a bit to see them) - https://www.flourboxbakery.com/collections/decorating-tips It's just dust in there, no extra liquid. 

If you're planning to regularly use the jewel dust it might be a good investment. The dust pump is helpful, but not necessary. If you don't want to invest in one, you could also dip a paint brush in the jewel dust and tap it off over the cookie to shake on the sparkle.

After posting this video, I got a lot of questions about the projector. It's a pico, and it's the same projector I posted in the last video (the Snuggle is Real cookie). 

Here are a couple helpful links.

This is the pico I'm using, available on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/AAXA-Technologies-KP-101-01-Projector-built/dp/B005TAXDPK/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1519321984&sr=1-3&keywords=pico+projector

(FYI....my pico a few years old, and there are more models. So, do your research. Mine still works great, so I haven't updated/upgraded)

I use this tripod (also available on Amazon) - https://www.amazon.com/Limostudio-Camcorder-Digital-Cameras-Camcorders/dp/B005CRKX3K/ref=pd_bxgy_229_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B005CRKX3K&pd_rd_r=6NZM2HZZJGT3MVVJA5RE&pd_rd_w=9nmAe&pd_rd_wg=C6A9j&psc=1&refRID=6NZM2HZZJGT3MVVJA5RE

I also got a lot of questions about the airbrush. I am using the Cookie Countess Airbrush System in the video. 

We carry the AirGenie Pro and the Cookie Countess units. I like both and use both. The AirGenie Pro has a few extra bells and whistles (like a pink tote bag for storing your airbrush) ... my favorite features of the Pro are the extra gun and quick metal connect (making switching guns super easy if using multiple colors). The countess unit is great, and is a good value. You can check them both out and do more of a comparison here - https://www.flourboxbakery.com/collections/airbrush

Also, mark your calendar! I'm planning on decorating Easter baskets and eggs LIVE on facebook on March 1.



Happy Decorating!



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