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How to Stencil a Watercolor Rose Cookie

posted Monday Aug 14, 2017 at 09:44 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

I see pretty watercolor flowers EVERYWHERE, but they look so time-consuming and difficult! When making 24 cookies I don't think I have the time, patience or talent for hand-painting. But, now it is easy to create this look on a cookie using a stencil to achieve a hand-painted watercolor rose without the stress. It’s EASY and you’ll get perfect results on every cookie! 

Check out the video for great tips on creating this look.

To create this look, you'll need: the watercolor rose stencil, an ultra-fine tip brush, an airbrush (or ColorMist), a Stencil Genie, and pink and white airbrush color.

This watercolor rose stencil is available here - https://www.flourboxbakery.com/products/rose-watercolor-stencil


This cookie was part of a baby shower set!

This set included several designs. These accent cookies were also so much fun to make.

A gold and white stripe bib. Find this cutter here - click here!

I had lots of icing, so I made extra roses for my next project! Use tip #101 to create these pretty icing accents!


I used all the pinks of chefmaster - the new line of color now available in our shop!

 I'm glad I included Burgundy Wine (right) because it is so pretty! Bakers Rose (left) is a subdued beautiful pastel. And, of course Fuchsia is just in your face 😊 The Rose and Deep pinks are classic for most of your pink needs 💗💗

Check out this adorable carriage. Now that would be riding in style. This cutter is NEW. Click here to Check it out!

And on the rattle cookie, just some simple, pretty lace detail. Here's a close-up

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at this beautiful pink baby shower set! You'll have to share photos if you try this new watercolor technique!

Happy Decorating!



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How to Decorate Back to School Cookies: Crayon and Apple

posted Wednesday Aug 09, 2017 at 07:22 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

I admit that I'm a little behind on prepping for Back to School. I think I'm just in denial. So it may not surprise you that I kept these cookies ULTRA simple. No time for projectors and fancy piping. I am just going to wow you with SIMPLICITY!

Check out these two tutorials that show how to use a stencil to create an easy, but super cute, crayon cookie. And, I'll also show you some tips on piping text on cookies without using a projector! Let's get started... 

I get lots of questions about piping text on cookies. Since my natural handwriting is like chicken scratch, this is an area of decorating that I 'work' at. 

No projector? No problem? First watch the video, then check out the tips below to get consistently piped cookies.

1. Plan out text. Going in with a plan will help avoid spacing issues. Either print or sketch how the lettering will fit on the cookie.

2. Practice! Slip your sketch under a piece of parchment and practice piping a few times before jumping onto the cookies. This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for how to pipe the letters.

3. Pipe in an assembly line. Repeating the same steps over and over will result in more consistent letters. Plus, with cookies lined up, it is easy to compare to each other to keep letter sizing similar.

4. It's fun to mix fonts, some words in cursive and some in block style letters. When piping smaller cursive words, I like to scale down to a tip #1.5 and use a piping consistency that has some flow. This helps with smooth piping. 

After all that work on the apple cookie, these crayon cookies will be a breeze! These are really great for beginners!

For this design, I used the pencil/crayon from the Sugarbelle Shape Shifters Set. The crayon stencil is part of the Sugarbelle Back to School set. Both are available in our shop - click here to check them out!

The crayon cutter is part of this awesome set -


The apple and crayon stencil is from the Sugarbelle Back to School cutter set.

Looking for ONE MORE fun school cookie idea. Check out this adorable Happy Bus from last year!


Plus, if you look closely in the photo below, you can see how that cute crayon can also be an adorable pencil cookie! 

I hope you give these cookies a try! 

Happy Decorating!


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How to Decorate a Mermaid Tail Cookie

posted Monday Jul 31, 2017 at 07:57 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

This Mermaid Tail cookie will make a SPLASH at your next Under the Sea party! Watch and learn how to use stiff royal icing to create a scaled look on the tail. Then a quick finish on these easy, yet magical, party favors with a few piped accents! 

This video features this mermaid cutter - only $1.99 in our shop!

I liked to use Wilton tip #3 on the scales. I tried with tip#2 first, but thought the details were too small, so I upsized. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the Mermaid Tail!

Happy decorating,


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Flour Box Bakery Ice Cream Sundae and Mermaid Cookie Tutorials

posted Tuesday Jul 18, 2017 at 03:11 PM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

I'm beyond excited to announce a collaboration with Ann Clark to design cookie cutters! My first cutter is super fun for summer ... an Ice Cream Sundae OR Mermaid. You can check it out in our online shop - click here!

See the videos below to watch how to create these pretty designs and print or save the free downloadable templates to go with the cutter! You'll have to SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM to get the download!

First up, the Ice Cream Sundae Dish. I loved creating this special set of cookies for my mom's birthday (see more videos and photos from this set below). Use the graphics in the video to learn what tip sizes to use and when to dry the icing.

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:

Here's a photo of the full set...

Check out that Ice Cream Truck using the School Bus cutter. I really didn't expect that one to be so cute...wishing I would have made a video of that too!

I really 'sprinkled' my ice cream cone cookie. This is how I like my real cones! And a little blast of airbrush to give the cone a little interest! I used this larger ice cream cone cookie cutter to create this design. 

The Happy Birthday Sprinkle Plaque cookies were done in an assembly line. I made a video showing how this cookie is made. Check it out!

I started with the lightest color and worked my way to dark. Then, I quickly stenciled the Happy Birthday using the Happy Birthday Script Stencil.

Check out these stencils HERE!

But, the BEST PART about this new cutter is that it can also be transformed into an adorable Mermaid Cookie! The top of the cookie is super perfect for BIG mermaid hair! <3

In this video, I explore a little with different tip shapes. Check it out!

Now that you've seen how to create both designs, click here or on the photo below to use this download as a template or as a guide in a projector

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at my new cutter! I can't wait to release more! Stay tuned!!

Happy Decorating!





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New Chefmaster Colors

posted Tuesday Jul 11, 2017 at 06:58 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

We are so excited to be launching a NEW line of color in the shop - Chefmaster! CLICK HERE to check out all the color options!

Chefmaster is recognized by baking professionals as a premier color choice. The Chefmaster liqua-gels are VIBRANT high concentrated colors that will not break down icing. They are fade and bleed resistant. They are also gluten free.

We are excited to be carrying them in TWO sizes: the .70 oz dropper top bottle size, and the 2.3 oz twist/dropper top bottle size. Both sizes offer a large color selection.

There are several KIT options too. In the .70 oz size there is an 8-color kit option.

There is a 12-color kit option.

And there is a NEON kit with 6 colors!!

We also have a 12-color kit option in the 2.3 oz size.

Chefmaster also has a large airbrush color selection. We carry them in two sizes. The smaller .67 oz size is available individually and features standard, neon, and metallic colors. See the full selection - click here!

The larger 2 oz size is available in a kit. 

As we continue to use these colors in tutorials, we will list and link to the colors used! Please get in touch and email anne@flourboxbakery.com if you have any specific questions about colors!

Happy Decorating!



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