A frequent question is 'What box size should I use for my cookies?' Here's a blog post that explores several of my favorite boxes. Most come from BRP Box Shop and if you click on the box title, you can view the actual product on their site.

The answer to this question is that I like to use several different boxes from BRP Box Shop depending on the size of the cookies and number of cookies in the gift. I've been snapping 'boxed' photos all year so I can share some of my favorite options....

It's good to mention that no matter what box size I use, I always wrap my cookies in a heat sealed cello bag. This helps to extend their freshness!! I like the 6 x 4 and 8 x 4 option on UNLINE!

For the 2-3 Cookie Gift, I recommend the 7" box from BRP Box Shop:

This size is perfect for a 2-cookie set for weddings or small gifts. I have used both the kraft brown finish and the white in this size and loved them both!

For the 3-4 Cookie Gift, I recommend the 9" box from BRP Box Shop:

For the 6-10 Cookie Gift, I recommend the 12 1/2" box from BRP Box Shop:

Depending on the size of the cookies, this box can be pretty versatile. In the top left photo, 6 larger cookies fit perfectly. Then on the right, 16 cookies fit in the box, because those eggs and carrots are small! Down below on the left, 7 unicorn cookies fit well and next to that, 8 custom thank you cookies for a realtor. 

For the 12-24 Cookie Gift, I recommend the 14" box from BRP Box Shop:

If I'm packing up 1 dozen cookies, I'll put a bed of white crinkle paper (find it at staples here) under the cookies. This will keep the cookies in place and help fill up the box. If I'm packing up 2 dozen cookies, I will carefully stack the cookies.

When shipping, I prefer to use a standard bakery box:

I like to order these 9 x 9 x 3 boxes from Papermart. Cookies are wrapped in a bubble pouch for safety. I like this small and large size from Staples. I like to call it 'Cookie Armour'.

Packing and shipping is a topic that I explore in my recent online cookie class 'Smart Cookies'. 

There is an entire lesson on cookie presentation (packaging options and how to SHIP cookies).

You can check out this class here for a more in-depth explanation. Click here to register and view!

I hope this is helpful as you plan how to present your beautiful cookies to your family, friends, and customers!

Happy Decorating!