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The Cupcake with Goggle

posted Tuesday Sep 01, 2015 at 10:48 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Last weekend was a little crazy at our house. We hosted our youngest daughter's 4th birthday. It was full of bananas, goggly eyes, and of course....COOKIES!

This photo kind of sums things up!


Our posse is a crazy bunch, but I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Everyone got a cookie!


Would you like to see the video? Here is the cupcake with goggle. I bet you can guess the theme of our party!



The cupcake cookie cutter is so awesome! It does so many fun celebratory designs. This cutter is available here in our online shop...


I used Wilton tip #44 to easily create the black strap on the goggle. So much easier than piping and flooding that little detail.

That tip and several other special tips are available online here.

The party wasn't just about cookies, though. We ate cupcakes...with goggle cookies of course!

I think all that sugar got to some people!!

We just had an awesome time celebrating a very special girl!

For more 'goggly' inspiration...check out this cute set...

These are just so much fun!!  I hope you enjoyed the goggle cookies!!



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Paris is Always a Good Idea

posted Sunday Aug 30, 2015 at 04:04 PM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Paris cookies always make me think of my daughters. They love all things Paris. We have read every book in our library about France, had a Purple Parisian Birthday Party, and my oldest saved up enough to get the American Girl Doll Grace. Even my 4-year-old gets excited about beautiful French things and loves the Eiffel Tower. As a matter of fact, every time we pass a cell phone tower she yells, "Look the Paris Tower."

Over the years I have made some fun Paris sets...here's a little inspiration. Each set has always included the Eiffel Tower. Check out a video (in real time) of the decorating process.

This is one of my first Paris sets.


My favorite cookie from the set is the 'beret buddies' cookie. They are cute!

Then I did a Paris party for my daughter. This was the little Paris girl with birthday gift. 

A few fleur de lis cookie in the mix made the set complete!

A great accent cookie with the Eiffel Tower is the tower passport stamp (see links to the stencils below!)

Bonjour, cookie!

I think I like the pink and gray cookies best.

These are the stencils that are used to create the passport cookies...

The Eiffel Tower...available here. 

The Eiffel Tower... with lines! Available here.

The Passport Stamp...available here.


And the Eiffel Tower cookie cutter.


Need more of a Paris fix? Check out my Pinterest board! 

Au revoir,



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Two new cutters, two new videos

posted Thursday Aug 20, 2015 at 07:18 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

This summer we have been busy adding and updating our cookie cutter line. Lots of fun new designs are now available, including these two big cutter sets from Wilton. These are two of my favorite sets that I use all the time!! 

This 101 set has all the basics for every holiday! It's available online here

A full set of numbers and letters, only $9.99. Can't beat that!! it's available here!

There are lots of new individual cutters now available, too. Like the flamingo cookie cutter!

There was a lot of discussion on facebook about the position of the legs.

For the record, flamingo legs are crazy and can go in practically any direction. Check out this photo I took this summer on vacation. This flamingo was asleep and stayed in this position for the 5 minutes I stood watching. It was totally fascinating. He was the inspiration for these cookies :)

Here's a video on how to decorate the flamingo!

Also new online is a cute, round apple cookie cutter! Just perfect for back to school! It's available here.

You could play this one straight, or you could make it nerdy!

Check out this design inspired by Sugarbelle! 

There are so many more fun designs coming this fall! Stay tuned!


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Sea Friends Videos! How to Decorate FIVE Sea Animal Cookies

posted Friday Aug 07, 2015 at 10:39 AM by Anne Yorks — 6 comments

I am going to keep this post short and packed with videos because I'm heading out for the week to film online cookie decorating lessons - yep, you read that right! This fall some really super cool classes will be available on the world wide web. So exciting! I'm going to be posting more details in the coming months!

These sea friends were so much fun to decorate...and we have videos of each design. Yippee!!

I used these cutters to create the cookies. They are available right here in the online shop.


Here are ALL the videos...ready for a binge watch?? Don't skip the starfish - that's my favorite!

How to Decorate an Octopus Cookie


How to Decorate a Seahorse Cookie

How to Decorate a Crab Cookie

How to Decorate a Shark Cookie 


How to Decorate a Starfish Cookie 

Was that fun? It was for me!! Happy Decorating, and I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer.


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The Dottie Daisy Cookie

posted Thursday Jul 30, 2015 at 04:25 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

It's no secret that we LOVE daisies at Flour Box Bakery. The bright pink daisy in the Flour Box logo is a dead giveaway!! 

This particular polka dot daisy (or Dottie Daisy as I like to call it) is one of my all-time favorite cookie designs! It also just happens to be a great project for a beginner decorator. Would you like to see a video on how to decorate it?

There are two consistencies of Royal Icing used on this cookie, pipe and flood. (For more information on making royal icing, check out this video tutorial.)

First, pipe the flower outline using a #2 tip. Then, using a squeeze bottle add the icing, or flood, the cookie base. While that icing is still wet, the polka dots are added with more flood icing (that is why it is called wet-on-wet!) Since it hasn't set up yet, the polka dots just melt into that base icing creating a cute design! Once that base dries (a few hours), the petal detail is looped around the daisy and the center is added - all with tip #2. It's that easy!

The Dottie Daisy is great on its own...

And, it's a cute accent cookie too!

Here's the Dottie Daisy with watering cans.

And here are more daisies with this cute sun cookie inspired by Miss Cuit!

And, yes, that's the Dottie Daisy behind those cute bee and ladybug cookies. 

All three cookies are made with the chunky daisy cutter, too! This cutter is available in our online shop - click here!


I hope you enjoyed these sweet cookies - Have a sweet day-sy!


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