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How to Decorate a Cat Face Cookie

posted Friday Feb 12, 2016 at 05:42 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

My 4-year-old requested kitty cat cookies to share with her friends at preschool. I was thrilled to finally use this cat face cookie cutter. It's BIG. This cookie is 5.625" big...that's a jumbo cookie!

This design isn't overly complicated. I hate to say it's "easy". Because let's face it, with a busy schedule decorated cookies, even simple ones, should never be considered easy to get done! The process takes takes time. I baked the cookies a few days before I needed to start and had the icing ready the day before too. Then when I was ready to get them done, I could really enjoy the decorating.

Here's a time-lapse video of how the cookie was decorated. 

I am using Royal Icing to decorate these cookies. Click here to check out a blog post for a recipe and tips!

Let me break it down step-by-step.


Step one: Select cutter and plan design! :)

Step two: Outline the top pink section of the face (soft pink pipe, tip #2)

Step three:Outline the bottom of the face (white pipe, tip #2)

Step four: Flood the top of face pink (soft pink flood, bottle tip #3).

Step five: While the base layer is still wet, add white polka dots (flood white flood, tip #1 - this keeps the dots mini sized).

Step six: And, if you want the ears to be in the base layer of icing like I did, add them now, too. The white will melt into the pink background creating a flat surface.

**Allow this section to dry in front of a fan for an hour. This will avoid the pink icing bleeding into the white.

Step seven: Flood the white section of the face (bottle, tip #3)

**Allow this section to dry in front of a fan for an hour.

Adding the details:

Step eight: Add the pink nose and pink face detail at top using a 20-second icing and tip #1.5. The smaller tip provides a little more control over these smaller details. The thinner icing (the 20-second has a few extra drops of water added to the pipe consistency), creates a smooth surface on these icing accents. (Note: this pink is a combo of burgundy and soft pink Americolor food color. I normally don't do much color mixing, but I love the contrast of the darker pink!)

Step nine: Add the eyes with black 20-second icing, tip #2.

Step ten: Wait 30-60 seconds and add a mini white dot with flood icing for a highlight on the eye. This is wet-on-wet and the white dot should melt into the black background for a smooth, round eye. 

Step eleven: Add the smile and whiskers (Black pipe, Tip #1.5)

Step twelve: Admire your adorable cookie!

I allow cookies to dry 18-24 before packing.


This cat face cutter...It's BIG, almost 6"! Click here to order it in our online shop.



Guess what else is now available in the shop!?! We've been busy adding some fun new cookie tools!

The Air Genie Pro Airbrush System!!! You can expect an airbrush tutorial coming soon. The AirGeniePro Airbrush System is compact, light weight, and quiet. Plus, it features variable speed control. It is the choice of many pro decorators! The GenieAirPro includes compressor, TWO airbrushes, 2 leather-like  airbrush storage pouches, power cord, hose, quick connect hose & fittings, and maintenance tools all in an adorable tote bag! Read the AirGeniePro Warranty - click here

We also now carry the Foodoodler food markers. 

We have the fine tip set of 10 markers.


We also have a black and yellow set too. The black markers are great for writing fine details. And, yellow is great for tracing an image onto the cookie surface to guide piping. Click on the photos below to view them in the online shop!






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How to Decorate a T-Rex Cookie

posted Monday Feb 08, 2016 at 07:48 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

These Valentine cookies are DINO-mite! They are perfect with this bag topper from the Drawn with Character etsy shop!

Would you like to see a start-to-finish look at this cute design? Check it out!

On my first attempt of this design, I did not outline the mouth in black and I felt like the teeth weren't as defined. I love how that simple detail can make a big difference.

One of the cute details is the blue spine. I love the texture that the leaf tip adds to the cookie.

The tip used is actually a mini-leaf tip, Wilton #65s and it is available in our shop!

Click here to check it out!

We also carry the T-Rex cookie cutter, too!


Now, I'm off to work on my Valentine cookie orders! So much white, red, and pink icing in the bakery! Makes my cookie heart happy!!

Happy Decorating!


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How to Decorate a Mason Jar Cookie

posted Thursday Feb 04, 2016 at 06:49 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

The mason jar is one of the most popular cookie cutters we carry in our online shop. Not only is a great design for weddings and bridal showers, it's also a perfect design for Valentine's Day. Check out these charming pink and gold mason jars!

See the video on how to decorate this cookie. This is an EXTENDED video and shows how to use one bowl and one spatula to mix the five shades of pink icing. The icing is already at the flood consistency when I start mixing the colors. 

The video also shows all three jar designs, too!

Once I had the consistency at the flood stage, it really took me about 10 minutes in real time to make the colors. I decorated 24 cookies with the below icing. 


I have used the  Mason Jar cutter several times - mostly for bridal showers and weddings. I have posted a photo of a more traditional take on the mason jar cutter at the end of this post. 

 We do carry this one in our shop!

To add the gold shimmer, I used Crystal Colors Antique Gold. I like the color of this one. (and it's FDA approved too!) We carry this antique gold and several other pearl dusts here, click here to check it out.

It adds such a pretty shimmer to the gold icing!


I used the Americolor soft pink to make the shades of pink.


I only mixed 5 shades, but I think it is fun to see how many colors can come out of one bottle.


So pretty to see them all lined up! (do like you this scalloped heart? It's part of the Wilton 4 pc heart set - only $4.79 for four cutters. I love this set!).

And, finally as promised, here is a photo of a previous mason jar project - 


I hope you enjoyed this peak at the mason jar! Happy Decorating!


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How to Decorate an XO Valentine Cookie

posted Wednesday Feb 03, 2016 at 12:58 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

What better way to give hugs and hisses than to give the X-O in a cookie! I love how these fun XO cookies turned out. 

I had some extra dough when baking this week and wanted to take the opportunity to explore a unique cookie design with negative space. 

Here are the steps to create this cookie: 


Step 1: Cut out a large 5" cookie.

Step 2: From the 5" cookie, cut out a smaller 3" heart cookie (leaving the center of the heart open).

Step 3: Using the heart cut-out, use mini cutters to cut out an X and an O from the dough.

Step 4: Match it up on the inside of the large 5" heart. Be sure the ends touch the large heart to allow these areas to bake together.

Step 5: Using the 2-1 tool, pop the small X and O out of their cutters.

Step 6: Gently press and seal edges of X/O with large heart together.


Step 7: Outline heart and X and O.

Step 8: Flood the large white heart white. Allow this area to dry for 2-3 hours in front of a fan. Then airbrush with Luck's Gold color with the Narrow Strips stencil to create the background.

Step 9: Flood in the small red X and 0. I added 'hugs and kisses' to the heart in a fun font - but this is optional. I think the design would be cute with or without the text. 

(TIP: if packing cookies in a heat sealed bag, allow to dry 18-24 hours before packing)

Here are two variations using a wet-on-wet technique.

To create the wet-on-wet heart, drop red polka dots on the wet white background. Pull scribe or toothpick through center of dot to create the heart shape.

 I used this Wilton nesting hearts cutter set (available in our shop for $4.79 - not bad for four cutters) for the large heart and the cut-out.

This set of mini cutters was perfect to create the section inside the heart. This set is also available in our shop and is $3.49. I also used the lips cutter and the heart with arrow on the two variations.

I loved how these turned out and I can't wait to give them to my special Valentine's! And, I'm excited to explore this idea again for another holiday. I bet this technique would be fun with an Easter egg!

Happy Decorating!






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How to Decorate A Cupid Cookie

posted Friday Jan 22, 2016 at 04:09 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away and I'm already getting in the mood with some really cute cookies, like this Cupid!


Here is a video showing a start-to-finish look at how he is decorated.

I used a Kopykake (a cookie projector) to help guide my outlines on the cookie. It's not necessary, you can freehand, but sometimes it is nice to have a guide when you're not following the outline of the cookie shape exactly.

If you don't have a KopyKake, don't worry, you can also cut out the sketch and trace it on the cookie.

It doesn't take much time, and if you use a light colored, food-safe marker, it's a great alternative to the expensive projector!

Plus, I made a slight modification to the cookie shape. I trimmed just the 'fringe' from the end of the scarf.

Let me break down the details and tip sizes.


  1. Use a snowman with scarf cookie cutter - flipped upside down.
  2. Use a KopyKake or food marker to help guide the outlines.
  3. Outline the hair (lemon yellow, tip #2) and tunic (sky blue, tip #2). I kept the top of the tunic open so I could control the round shape of the cupid's face.
  4. Outline and flood the face (copper, tip #1.5). I used a 20-second icing for this color (thinner than piping icing, but thicker than flood) to do the small arm and legs areas. The smaller tip size gives me a little more control. Allow these areas to dry for an hour or two in front of a fan before flooding the next areas.
  5. Flood the hair and tunic. Allow to dry at least 2 hours before piping details. 
  6. Add hair lines and a little heart shaped hair cowlick with tip #2.
  7. Add using tip #1 for these fine details, add black line for arrow, string for bow, string belt with heart bow and loose strings, eyes and smile.
  8. With pink piping icing and tip #3 (adds a little beefiness to this detail), pipe the bow handle and arrow tip.
  9. With white icing and tip #3 and good hand pressure, add heart wings.
  10. With soft pink icing and tip #2, add small heart on chest. And the cuteness is complete!


I love finding new ways to use cookie cutters. I have used this snowman with scarf several times. Check it out! This cutter is available in our online store here


Looking for some fun new Valentine cutters and sets, check out these great options now stocked in our online shop!





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