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How to Decorate a Radiant Sun Cookie

posted Wednesday Apr 27, 2016 at 06:51 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

It's been a busy Spring at Flour Box Bakery and all this activity has us glowing. Just like these Radiant suns!

Check out the video on how to make these cookies here!

Don't you love that shiny sun!? This video features the Amerimist Airbrush Colors, the Stencil Genie and the Sunburst Stencil. Click here to check them out in our online shop! Plus, now through Friday 4/29 we are offering $5 off the Stencil Genie with promo code 'GENIE5'!

This sunburst stencil is a new addition to our extensive line of stencils! Click here to check it out online!

 We have used this stencil on a few other fun projects, like this Super Gaby set!

One last note ... grad season is around the corner! Check out these great cutters perfect for celebrating your 2016 Graduate!


Behind the scenes we are working on some fun web updates! PLUS, coming this May we will be launching the new Sweet Sugarbelle Cutter Line! It's going to be amazing!!

Happy Decorating!


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How to Decorate a Dreamcatcher Cookie

posted Wednesday Apr 13, 2016 at 07:10 AM by Anne Yorks — 4 comments

I have been dreaming of creating this boho chic cookie set for some time! I see feathers, arrows, and dreamcatchers everywhere - so much inspiration for cookie designs! It's perfect for birthdays, bridal and baby events...and Mother's Day!

Check out the video on how to create the dreamcatcher! We are using a new format for the videos to help show what tips we are using. Check it out!

Aren't the colors of this set so perfect? I'm not a big fan of color mixing. More often than not, I like to create colors using the gel straight from the bottle - no complicated color formulas to make these colors. However, when working with lighter colors, I do add a few drops of white. I find it makes a more solid looking pastel AND helps to reduce signs of butter bleed! We carry a full line of Americolor gels here!

Are you looking for the perfect brushed font? I used the Movus BrushPen from dafont.com. I made a $20 donation to the artist for the use of the font. It would be free for personal use! I loved this font, but wanted a few extra curls, so I modified it just a little bit. Take a look: 


Can you guess the cutter for the dreamcatcher cookie? It's the Wilton Duck (upside down!) This cutter is available here!

Here's a tip guide to creating this cookie. These tips are all available here!


Here are the cutters featured in this set. They are all $1.99 and are available online here - click for the: Feather cutter, teepee cutter, oval plaque cutter and arrow cutter.


Create a quick and easy accent cookie with the arrow stencil!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! Stay tuned for both the FEATHER and ARROW videos coming this week!!


Happy Decorating! 



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How to Decorate a Ballerina Tutu Cookie

posted Wednesday Apr 06, 2016 at 08:14 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

One of my favorite parts of spring is my daughters' annual dance recital! And, I love to make a special treat for her friends in the dance class. These tutu cookies might just be one of my favorite designs, and I love that they aren't too complicated either.

We made a video of this design. You'll notice something new...a few icons!


The stop sign indicates that at that point of decorating, I stopped and let the icing dry in front of a fan for an hour or two. 

The piping bag shows what number icing tip I'm using. I hope this helpful visual makes these videos a little more how-to (while still being quick and fun!)

So...here's the video!

So let's review a step-by-step!

1. Outline the white bodice of the tutu. To avoid a short torso, I put a guide dot about 1/4" down from the waistline to help guide my outline. I added two shoulder straps at the top.

2. Next, I outlined the skirt. I left room for the ruffle at the base.

3. Then using stiff white icing and a tip #101, I piped the ruffle. The secret is in the icing consistency and the angle of the tip. Skinny side up with stiff icing... you want that ruffle to hold its shape!

4. Now that my cookie is outlined,  I flooded the white and let that dry for an hour or two in front of a fan.

5.  Then I flooded the pink skirt. I let the cookie dry for an hour or two in front of a fan.

6.   Now time for details (the fun part)! Add skirt lines (tip #2)

7.  I add a highlight line at the top of the bodice with dark pink.

8. To clean up the hem of the skirt at the ruffle, I add a quick bead border.

9.  Then I add two rosettes with the star tip #13. Keep your icing bag straight up (90 degree angle) to get a perfectly swirled rosette. 

10. Add two mini leaves with tip #349. 

11. Finally I added two seams and a scalloped line on the bodice. A simple detail, but I think it is so pretty and finishes the design. Tip #1 will keep it delicate!

This is the cutter used to make the cookie, the tutu cookie cutter. And it is available here. 


Here are a few tips that I used...to create the ruffle, I used tip #101. It is available here in the shop. 

And for the cute rosette, tip #13. It's in the shop here too!


And, the mini leaf tip #349. Available here!

Happy Decorating!



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How to Airbrush Cookies

posted Saturday Mar 26, 2016 at 08:06 AM by Anne Narber — 1 comments

I remember the time I got my first airbrush. It took me several weeks to be brave enough to open the box. I was afraid of it! I am so glad I finally got the courage to open that box because airbrushing cookies has become one of my favorite ways to add color, depth, and stenciling to my cookies!

Now through March 31, we are offering a free 12-color kit with the purchase of an Air Genie Pro Airbrush System. Click to view the airbrush system here! No coupon code necessary! The kit will automatically be added to your order.

Here's a video to show some basic tips for airbrushing...

Let's face it, though, things don't always go perfectly! Here are a few tips for troubleshooting with your airbrush.

First, if you're getting color splatters, you probably need to CLEAN the needle, the front of the airbrush. Give it a wipe down or switch airguns and give the first gun a good soak in hot water.


Which brings me to a very important point...keep your airbrush clean! After I use my airbrush, I run hot water through the gun until the water runs clean. You can deep clean your airbrush too...here's a great tutorial from the Sugarbelle blog that shows step by step how to do it. Click here to check it out!

Also, if you see some blurring, there really isn't a way to wipe off excess color (I have tried wiping it off with a q-tip and vodka and it didn't seem to make a difference). But, you can pipe lines to help cover any blurring. Not only does it add a pop of color, but it also cleans up any blurring edges.

Finally, if you find you're adding too much color and it is smearing when you pack your cookies. Dust the cookie lightly with some cornstarch. It won't affect the final project, but will adsorb some excess moisture so that you don't run into that problem.

Exploring with your airbrush has never been so fun! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and start adding adding dimension and shimmer to your cookies. You’ll be amazed at what a subtle kick of color can do for your designs! Plus, you’ll love stenciling with an airbrush, creating quick and easy accent cookies!

Happy Decorating!


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Venice Birthday Cake and Cookies

posted Sunday Mar 13, 2016 at 12:33 PM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Our family had such a fantastic weekend celebrating my husband Topher's birthday! I had fun planning the party with his mom. We decided to go with an Italian theme for the party...fun food, red, white and green balloons, and an Italian soda bar! 

When deciding on cookies, I decided to go with a Venetian them. I remembered the time on our honeymoon when we took a romantic gondola ride, such a highlight from our trip! We were touring with a group and everyone in the group squeezed into the other gondolas, so we could have one to ourselves. 

Here are the cookies I made to decorate the cake and cupcakes. 

I love that singing gondolier. Topher is a fantastic singer, so I imagine this is Topher and I in the gondola!

 It's it cute!?

A few years ago I commissioned this mug from Renee of Kudos Kitchen. It served as the inspiration for the cookies.

Then I found and purchased this clipart from Shutterstock. It was exactly what I was looking for. I was so busy with party planning, that it was much easier to find and buy clipart for the main cookie topper! 

I put a few of the buildings around the base of the cake. Using royal icing I glued pop sticks on the poles, gondola, and Venice buildings. They made the perfect cake toppers!!!

My mother-in-law put together a fabulous polenta bar with lots of toppings. Everyone at the party loved it!! 

She also created an Italian soda bar that was a big hit with the kids at the party. There were several soda recipes for everyone to try out. 

We also tried this hot caprese dip from Rachel Cooks. We doubled the recipe and did it in the corckpot and it was delicious. The food was rounded out with baked ziti, salad, breadsticks, and a few snacks (olives, Italian cheeses, and meats). I don't think anyone left hungry!

Plus, I made some cookie favors for the guests. I kept these simple and colorful. Cute cookies do not need to be complicated. 

And before I go...a photo from our trip to Venice (almost 10 years ago)!! Time to go back!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our special celebration. 

Happy Decorating,



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