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How to Decorate a Typewriter Cookie

posted Friday Jan 20, 2017 at 08:30 AM by Anne Narber — 0 comments

When I learned how to type in high school...it was on a typewriter! That seems so foreign now. I think the typewriters were replaced the year after I took that class. But it was the most practical class I had in school. The skills I learned from that class I have used every day since. 

Making a typewriter has been on my list for a few years. I am so excited to finally cross it off my list!

Here's the video tutorial on how to make these cookies using a purse cutter...

I think the biggest thing to set off this design is to trim the cookie at the top before baking. This will create a squared top for the edge of the typewriter paper.

Are you new to decorating? Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to make royal icing, piping and flooding, and rolling and baking. Recipes are included in the videos!

This is the purse cutter used to create this cookie.

Also featured in this video is the fine point black food marker. It is available in a 2-pen set and a 10-pen set.

Before we go, I also wanted to mention that the new cutter set from LilaLoa is now available! 


Based on the popular cookie book, The Cookie Companion by Georganne Bell, you can now create the cookies of your dreams with this new CUTTER SET! Featuring ten unique designs, this set is a must-have for any baker.  Tub of 10 metal cookie cutters: Cake Slice (3.25" X 3.5"), Cake Stand (3" X 4.5"), Baby (3.5" X 4.5"), Rattle (2" X 3.75"), Jar of Flowers (2.25" X 5"), Confetti Ribbon (2.5" X 4.25"), Candle (1.5" X 4"), Plaque (4.25" X 3.5"), Tall Gift 2.25" X 3.75") and Bird (4" X 2.5").


Happy Decorating!!


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How to decorate a Frog Cookie

posted Tuesday Jan 17, 2017 at 06:27 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

I love Valentine's Day because it is the holiday that features the most puns...making cookie decorating so much fun!

For this week's tutorial I created a cute Valentine Frog. It would be great to give these as class treats with a tag that said 'Valentine, you're TOADally sweet!'

I love this design because it is a 'cookie stacker'. I don't do many of these, but in this case, the 2nd cookie really brings this frog to life.

Check out this video tutorial on how to create this design! Use the graphics in the video to learn when to dry each phase and what icing tips are suggested.

Are you new to decorating? Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to make royal icing, piping and flooding, and rolling and baking. Recipes are included in the videos!

If you're looking to recreate this design, I used this frog cutter.

You can use mini cutters from anywhere, including this 6pc Valentine mini cutter set.

I did a few frogs holding an XO. I used the mini cutter from this lips set

I have several more fun Valentine tutorials coming over the next few weeks! I'll continue to post them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, too!

While I have you, I wanted to mention that we have been having so much fun adding NEW cutters and stencils to our shop. Here's a few collages to quickly show you what's new!

We just added 20 new stencil designs. Our shop now features more than 180 different stencils!! Check them out here!

And we've recently added several new fun cookie cutters as well...including several sets. See our full cutter collection - click here!

Just in time for Valentine's day we added a fun Tic Tac Toe Hugs and Kisses cutter set. And a new 2 pc Bunny with Carrot Ears for Easter. Check out the new LIPS and LIPSTICK that go perfectly with all the Girls Night Out cutter options! Just in time for the Superbowl we have a 4 pc football set. Other new additions include: 4 pc Pet Set, 3 pc Tea Party Set ,and the 3 pc Princess set.

Are you ever looking for something specific that we don't offer? CONTACT US! We would love to hear from you!

Happy Decorating!


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How to Decorate a Unicorn Cookie

posted Tuesday Jan 10, 2017 at 06:04 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Let's kick off 2017 with a magical cookie tutorial -the unicorn! Then starting next week, on to some fun Valentine tutorials! 

Here is a video tutorial on how to create this design. Use the graphics in the video to learn when to dry icing and what tips to use. Are you new to decorating? Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to make royal icing, piping and flooding, and rolling and baking. Recipes are included in the videos!

The cutter used to create this design is this unicorn cutter. Before I cut out the cookies, I did stretch the cutter to make the horn wider. This makes the cookie easier to decorate and also easier to cut out. Plus that horn isn't so fragile when it is wider.

I added just a hint of shimmer to the unicorn horn with the Crystal Color gold. This is completely optional, but I liked the added sparkle! I mixed the gold dust with a little Everclear. This has a high alcohol content and evaporates quickly leaving behind a beautiful shine.

The tip used on the small flowers is star tip #13. It's great for small quick rosettes and creating pretty borders. 

The fine details, the eyelashes and nostril, are added using a fine point black foodoodler. We have a set of 10 pens.

We also carry a 2-pen set with a black and yellow marker here!

If you're looking to recreate this look, I used the following Americolors: bright white on the body, soft pink for the hair, sky blue for the flowers, gold on the horn, and super black for the eye.

I hope you enjoyed this unicorn tutorial. Up next week is a Valentine's Day project. In the meantime, if you're looking for some Valentine inspiration, click here to check out this tutorial page from some fun and cute ideas! 

Happy Decorating!!


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SMART COOKIE - new Craftsy class now available

posted Monday Nov 21, 2016 at 06:53 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

NEW Online Craftsy class now Available!! 

Hooray! My NEW online Craftsy class, Smart Cookies, is now available! Smart Cookies is all about navigating the cookie process better, faster and more efficiently! It covers so many topics including: designing cookie sets, creating a cookie timeline, planning for icing, saving time with quick techniques, all while keeping the JOY in decorating! Plus, it is packed with lots of fun cookie demos!!! Read more below for a sneak peek into a few of my favorite class lessons!
Check out the video trailer to get a sneak peek at the class!

Here's a breakdown of the class by lesson: 

Lessons 1 and 2

The first two lessons focus on designing and planning cookie sets that not only look great but take less time to complete! I'll walk you through my design process from brainstorming to sketching. Then in Lesson 2, I'll show you how I set up my cookie timeline, whether I'm making a few dozen cookies or 200 cookies!

Lessons 3 and 4

After I walk you through the planning process, lesson 3 will focus on some of my favorite time savers for decorating all while keeping designs consistent. Lesson 4 is all about the icing. I'll review icing consistencies, how to plan how much to make by color, and drying cookies! 

Lessons 5 and 6

Lesson 5 is one of my favorite lessons of the class. I review airbrushing and royal icing stenciling and show how it can save you time and add beautiful, yet easy, projects to any cookie collection. Then, once the cookies are complete, lesson 6 focuses on packing and presenting your cookies, including my best tips on how to ship your cookies anywhere!

Lesson 7 

Cookie demos are mixed in as I move through each lesson. But Lesson 7 is JAM PACKED with cookie tips as I finish showing how to create each cookie from my three class sets!

How Craftsy works!

If you haven't taken a Craftsy class yet, I think you're going to love it! Both of my classes are organized into 7 lessons, each broken down by topic. The Craftsy platform allows you to watch, stop, re-watch and make notes as much as you need! Plus, you can ask ME, the instructor, questions. I'll be checking in frequently to make sure all questions are answered.

The class also features my icing and cookie recipes, templates for several of the projects, icing practice sheets, and a materials list. 

Save 50% on registration - click here!

About Me

I left the "real world" in 2007 to be a stay–at–home mom. As a self–taught baker, I spent years decorating cookies and tweaking my recipes for loved ones' weddings, parties, baby showers and beyond. All that practice finally paid off when I opened the successful Flour Box Bakery in my home town of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Now, I'm happy to share my tried–and–true tips and cookie techniques with you, right here on Craftsy.

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Happy Dog Video Tutorial (and Veterinarian cookies!)

posted Wednesday Sep 07, 2016 at 06:13 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Last week, we celebrated my youngest daughter's 5th birthday. Five is a big deal, so I had to make her cookies of course! She loves to play veterinarian and requested Vet cookies and happy dogs and cats for her big day. This was a fun set to create! 

Check out the video on how to create this cute happy dog cookie!

I used the dog cutter from the new amazing mix and match animal set available in our online shop! 

Master cookie decorator, Autumn Carpenter, designed this animal cookie cutter set so you can decorate dozens of adorable animal cookies at an affordable price and just a few cutters. I love it!

You could also use the cat face cutter from the mix and match set to create this pretty cat design. Remember this design from Valentine's Day? I did this same design above in gray :)

Check out the video of the Happy Cat cookie!

Here's the rest of the Vet cookies...

For the Vet cookies, I turned my daughter into a cookie! That's her with her purple Vet glasses next to the dogs and cats. Do you recognize the dr. bag cutter?? It's the CAKE from the new Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Set!

And this cat...is actually the cute fox cutter. 

Just in case you're wondering if my daughter liked her cookies...


Happy Birthday, sweet little one!! 

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