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How to Decorate Polka Dot Turkey Cookies

posted Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 at 02:21 PM by Anne Narber — 0 comments

Mark your calendar!! Cookie magic is coming Nov 27th to our Facebook page and YouTube channel ....

But before we flip the switch to Christmas, can we enjoy one last Thanksgiving video?

 This design is created using the PENGUIN cutter! This cutter is available here in our online shop! I have used it to make a penguin, Santa, reindeer, and even a rocket ship!!

This post is brief...got some prep work to do the for the holidays!



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So Thankful for ... Cookies [how to decorate a silly turkey cookie]

posted Friday Nov 06, 2015 at 11:18 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Anyone else happy it is November? Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking forward to winter (*shutter*). But I do looove Thanksgiving. It's such a wonderful, family holiday full of delicious food and treats without the 'gift stress'. Am I right?

So, in anticipation of Turkey Day, I have already started getting my cookie mojo moving in that direction. This silly turkey makes me smile every time I make him!

And here's the YouTube video...

The thing I like the most about this design is that the outline is all brown. Outlining in one color is such a TIME SAVER!

You'll notice in the video, while the cookie was still warm, I pressed a small circle into the cookie. This helps guide the circle shape and sets off the rest of the design, making it easy to keep the turkey consistent from cookie to cookie.

We used our cupcake cutter for this design. 'Cause we be crazy like that.

It's available here.


Earlier in the week, we posted a 15 second Instagram video. Did you catch that? Do you follow us on Instagram? 


Feeling thankful this morning! 'Thanksgiving Phrases' stencil available on www.flourboxbakery.com

A video posted by Flour Box Bakery (@flourboxbakery) on


 I love this video because it shows how quick and easy it is to stencil with royal icing!

The icing is a thick consistency so it holds it's shape. And, not shown in the video is an extra swipe of the scraper that removes some of the excess icing. Sorry for that - we only have 15 seconds to work with!

I used this stencil to achieve this design - it's available here!


This collection is so colorful!

There is more Thanksgiving fun to come!! I can't wait to show you what I've been working on!

Happy Decorating!




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How to Decorate a Hedgehog Cookie

posted Monday Nov 02, 2015 at 07:29 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Boy meets girl! It's love at first sight! We might need to find a mini hedgehog cutter, now!

It's a cute decorating video for you! Cute cookies don't have to be complicated!

 I love this hedgehog cookie because it is full of cuteness and also super easy!

The face and legs are so small that I used a 20-second ivory royal icing to create those areas. The body is soft pink pipe and flood royal icing.Our royal icing recipe (and tips) is available here. 

I love the hegdge cookie cutter. It goes great with the cute owl, cute fox, and squirrel. All available in our online shop here!

The blush cheeks is added with flamingo pink dust. Available here . A little bit goes a long way, just a dab works. Apply with food safe paint brush (like I did) or use a q-tip and gently rub on dry icing surface.

Finally, like those mini bows? That is created with tip #65s. It's actually a mini-leaf tip, but makes great bows too! You can find it here.


Good news...a video of the cute owl is coming!

And, there is already a cute fox video...actually too! Mr. and Mrs. Fox are both available on YouTube!


This one is my favorite...



Happy Decorating!




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Hollywood Dessert Table

posted Thursday Oct 29, 2015 at 04:36 PM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

Last weekend, my daughter's school held our annual auction night! And the theme...Hollywood! Lights! Camera! Auction!

I was in charge of the dessert tables and worked with more than 15 moms from the school to create an amazing display of treats! We are lucky to have so many talented bakers at our school. Thank you also to Sincere Touch Photography for some amazing photos! And, special thank you to Dolce Vita Desserts in Lemont for providing the beautiful and delicious red velvet cupcakes! They were the star of the night!

I loved the marque...the centerpiece of the backdrop. A dad from the school cut the wood for me and I painted the signed. Once the lights were added, the sign really came to life!


This year our moms worked hard to create treats within the Hollywood theme. Several moms worked together, like the chocolate covered reels. A cake decorator from the school made the fondant topppers for the mom that covered the oreos! 


There were dozens of these tartlettes and they disappeared quickly!! Beautiful and delicious!!

We were lucky enough to have real Emmy statues at the event!! 

Using a tutorial from Driven by Decor, another mom created these show-stopping popcorn cupcakes! I found the wrappers here on Amazon!

You can check this tutorial out and more on my Hollywood Pinterest Board!

I provided cookies for the event! I made popcorn baskets, auction tickets...

...red dresses, drama masks, movie reels, film strips, and clapperboards!! Designing the cookies was so much fun!

One mom took her cake to the red carpet level with these reels and bag of popcorn. Amy is an attorney by day and baker by night!  This dessert got a lot of attention!

Not every treat had to have the Hollywood twist...but they certainly were all super extravagent. Those chocolate pretzels had a layer of homemade caramel hiding underneath and were accented with mini chips, toffee pieces, and chocolate jimmies! Delicious!

I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the most amazing truffles ever made...

We have a truffle master at our school! She made 250 truffles in six different flavors...and there weren't any leftovers!! Amazing!

Trays and trays of truffles!

She also made the fondant toppers on the chocolate covered oreos and the ticket and clapperboards for these delicious pumpkin cupcakes made by another mom.

Our guest enjoyed their special treats! Thank you so much to all the bakers that helped make this event a huge success!

Looking for more inspiration...check out the Hollywood Dessert Pinterest Board!

Happy Decorating,


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How to Stencil with Royal Icing on Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

posted Friday Oct 16, 2015 at 05:58 AM by Anne Yorks — 3 comments

Jack-O-Lanterns make the perfect Halloween treat and stenciling with Royal Icing is the easiest way to make those detailed faces!

Stenciling with royal icing is a quick way to add a design with lots of precision. 

Take a look at how it's done in this time-lapse video. For more info on my recipes, follow these links:

Royal Icing Recipe and Mixing Tips 
Cookie Recipe and Baking and Rolling Tips 

Here are a few tips for good results when stenciling with royal icing:

1. Use STIFF Icing. This is the icing that comes straight out of the mixer! The icing will hold the shape and won't ooze or smudge into areas it shouldn't be.

2. Gently spread icing with spatula to cover stencil. ***THE DRYING TIME IS NOT SHOWN IN THE VIDEO*** I like to allow the base icing layer on the cookies to dry 4-6 hours so I don't poke my finger into the surface of the cookie. I don't push too hard when spreading the icing because I don't want to squish the icing under the stencil.

3. Scrape off excess icing, but don't scrape it clean! So, when you are removing the excess, gently run your spatula or scraper over the stencil. I reuse stencils at least 6-12 times (sometimes more!) before I need to wash and dry the excess icing. If icing gets on the underside of the stencil you'll need to clean that before doing the next cookie.

4. Carefully pull up stencil. Don't wiggle the stencil or it will smudge your image.

5. If there is excess icing on the edges, clean up it up with a scribe, toothpick or fix-it stick

6. Use stencils with smaller areas. I find those stencil better than stencils with large designs.

This is the pumpkin cutter that is used in the video. It's my favorite because I like the size and I love the round shape of the pumpkin. It's available here. 

I used three different Jack-O-Lantern stencils on this project. They are available in our online shop here! STENCIL SALE!! Save 15% on ALL stencils, scrapers and magnets using coupon code BOO15 (good through 10/18). 

This is the pumpkin carvings stencil.

This is the Halloween phrases stencil...


And, here is the build a pumpkin stencil...


Check out these other awesome Halloween stencils! Use coupon code 'BOO15' at check out to save 15% on all stencils through 10/18!


Happy Decorating!



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