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How to Decorate a Sailboat Cookie

posted Wednesday Jul 01, 2015 at 07:34 AM by Anne Yorks — 0 comments

Our family just returned home from an amazing beach vacation. We are rested (and tan) and ready to get back into the swing. I love going to the beach...there is always so much cookie inspiration! 

So to kick off our return to cookies and cookie videos, we are going with a nautical theme!

Today's video features a red, white and blue sailboat - also perfect for the July 4th holiday weekend!

This video is a time-lapse and does not show drying time. I like to allow icing areas to dry a few hours before piping details - and several hours before airbrushing! 

Ready to watch? Here you go - enjoy!

This video features the sailboat cookie cutter. It is available online here!

And that little flag at the top of the sailboat is created with tip #65s (it's a mini version of the leaf tip #70). They are both available here. That flag is so cute...and suuppppeeerrrr easy! I think that is my favorite part of the video.



I chose the anchor stencil to add a pattern to the sail - it is available here.

To keep the airbrush only on the right sail, I use a piece of paper to mask of the area that I don't want to be airbrushed. That pink contraption is called a stencil genie. It helps keep the stencil in place and is available from the www.creativecookier.com. If you don't have a stencil genie, you could also hold the stencil in place with a steady hand (rest your hand on the table surface to stay steady) or use magnets to hold the stencil in place.

For more nautical cookie inspiration...check out these cute photos of past projects!

Here is another version (without airbrushing) of the sailboat.

And my favorite - the sailor kids - aren't they so cute!?

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post!

I would like to wish you a fun and safe 4th of July,


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How to Decorate a Swimsuit Cookie

posted Monday Jun 08, 2015 at 10:39 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

I'm so ready to go to the beach! And, now my cookies are too! Check out these adorable swimsuit cookies!

Would you like to see how they are made? Check out the video!

I use this new swimsuit / corset cookie cutter. This cutter is available here in our online shop!

 I create the ruffles on the suits using tips #101 (rose petal tip) and #101s...a mini version of the #101. I love them both depending on how big I want the ruffle.

Both are available here - check it out!

Want to know which suits are my favorites?? I liked these the best!

The red, white, and blue classic suit!


The green polka dot suit!

The blue cut-out suit!

I hope you enjoyed this video...more videos on the way!! You can check out our full like of summer/beach cookie cutters available online here! I can't wait to show you what is next!






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How to Make a Sushi Roll Cookie

posted Friday Jun 05, 2015 at 06:22 AM by Anne Yorks — 1 comments

I get a kick out of cookies that look like other food! And this new sushi roll cookie might be my favorite yet!

I had so much fun planning this cookie project. Would you like to see  a video of how it was created?

The key to this cookie design is the royal icing transfer. A royal icing transfer is an icing decoration that is made ahead (often piped onto parchment), dried, and added to a wet base of icing. Many times an image is printed or sketched and placed under the parchment paper to replicate an exact image over and over.

The little icing decoration of the crab, avocado, and ginger is the royal icing transfer in this project. I decided to use a transfer because I wanted to be able to add the rice jimmies while the white base was still wet. However, I did not want jimmies under that center area because it would be bumpy and uneven. So, I made the transfers a day ahead on parchment. I let the icing dry completely, decorated them with food pens, and then peeled them off to add to the white just before adding the jimmies. 

I don't use royal icing transfers often because I have a KopyKake (a projector that puts the image on the cookie). But, this is what I like about royal icing transfers...

1. They are great if you don't have a KopyKake. You can make an exact design over and over by tracing an image that is under parchment. Then once they are dry, they peel off. It is like a little piece of candy. Like the 'S' on this superhero chest.


2. They are great for monograms! Especially if you're adding any embellishment to the monogram. Take this number 5 as an example. I did not want the gold disco dust on the background of the cookie. I made the 5, added the gold, and let it dry. Then while the pink background was still wet, I added the 5 to the icing base.

3. They are easy to make ahead if you are using up leftover icing. The numbers on the football jersey were made ahead. Then they were added to the cookie while the blue background was still wet.

A few tips about royal icing transfers: 

1. Make sure they are dry before using. They are easier to peel off the parchment if they are dry. And, they won't adsorb any color for the wet base.

2. Make extras...they are fragile and can break easily when peeling.

3. Avoid making transfers that have skinny and fragile areas. They will be difficult to peel.

I hope you enjoyed this sushi project as much as I did!! 

Have a sweet day,




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I've got Pink and Gold Fever!

posted Saturday May 23, 2015 at 01:57 PM by Anne Yorks — 4 comments

You've heard of gold fever? Well, I've got PINK and gold fever! And, I have it pretty bad! In one week, I had three sets of pink and gold cookies. I was in pink and gold heaven!!!

I made this set for the class I taught with Angela from Oh, Sugar! Events (more details about the class here).

I like to use the Crystal Colors and mix a small amount with a few drops of Everclear (grain alcohol) to achieve bright and smooth gold accents. We now carry Crystal Colors in the shop. I love them because they are FDA approved. Not all dusts and metallics are approved as edible by the FDA.

We carry gold, antique gold, blush gold, elegance (which is a hybrid of gold/silver), bright silver, fairy pink, and fair blue. You can order them here!

This cake was my favorite and that little hint of gold on the scallops adds such a nice detail!

I also made very pretty pink and gold set for a charity event called Sugar & Stilettos. This event benefits the Westside Food Bank & St. Joseph Center!! The cookies were part of the Sugar & Stilettos bake sale!!

I have so many favorite designs from this set. The gown is definitely one of them. 

I used this cookie cutter to create these cookies. It is available here in the online shop.

 I also loved this cake! 

I use this cake cookie cutter all the time. I never put it away! 

I even airbrushed gold onto several cookies! 

These stencils are available in the shop too!! 

The 3rd set I made was for a pink and gold birthday. 

That cake slice is so much fun. This is the cutter I used...order it here.

I hope there are many more pink and gold cookies in my future!!

I continue to collect ideas on Pinterest and save my inspiration on my Pink and Gold Fever pin board! Click here and check out to check the pink and gold inspiration I have collected so far!!

Happy Decorating!



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Oh, Sugar! and Flour Box Cookie Workshop

posted Saturday May 23, 2015 at 01:51 PM by Anne Yorks — 8 comments

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of hosting two decorating workshops with Angela Rudy of Oh, Sugar! Events. If you don't know Angela, check Oh, Sugar! out on facebook. Her cookies will blow your mind!

I would like to thank the class sponsors Ribbon by Design and The Cookie Countess for supporting the classes and providing class samples! 


Here is our class from the Saturday workshop. What an AWESOME group of ladies. We really had a fun day!

The class projects were technique based. We tried to stick to the three B's: birthday, bridal, and baby!

Angela taught these projects...focusing on making royal icing 1 consistency fits all, piping/flooding, adding dragees, wet on wet cheetah print, basket weave, cable knit sweater, brushed embroidery, easy spiral roses, lace work, basic character cookies, using petal dust.

And, I taught these ... focusing on making royal icing and consistencies, piping and flooding, wet-on-wet, cookies with dimension and icing layers, marbling, quilting, airbrush stenciling, royal icing transfer, royal icing stenciling, rosettes and icing flowers, hand pressure and writing on cookies with the KopyKake, painting with metallics.

There were tons of live demonstrations.

Lots of piping and practicing.

The small class size allowed for one-on-one attention!

Two royal icing demos. Angela and I make our icing differently and we both got a chance to show what we do.

Overall, it was just good times! This is Tiffany from TheRedCooky! She's my buddy from Michigan! I was so happy to have her in class! We had students come from MI, NJ, NY, SC, VA, and PA!

Thank you again to Angela for traveling to PA to share your cookie knowledge! It was awesome to see you in action!

Are you interested in learning cookie decorating? Currently, all cookie school classes are full for 2015. BUT, we will be adding a few more dates. If you would like to get the next update, use the contact us page to be added to the waitlist.



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